Sunday, November 25, 2012

Brachman's Underworld Book Review

Wow, talk about a book to wrap your head around! This book has so many twists and turns and who is and isn't the bad guys and you really never even know if the main character is good or bad, not even in the end! The book I am referring to is Brachman's Underworld written by Vlad Vaslyn. He has got some wild imagination, that is for sure!

Here's an excerpt from the book:
Delilah Brachman just died and now she has six days to dodge her fate or she’ll perish for all-time. She’s become an “In-Betweener,” someone whose judgment has yet to be decided, and she’s drawn a ticket for the Tuesday Train, the most damning ticket of all. 
She struggles against the demon Noc, whose cunning mind masks a childlike loneliness it will do anything to quell, and against Honest Jack, the idealist tyrant who uses torture to get his way. Meanwhile, Delilah begins to care for a man that her real life never prepared her for. 
Will she overcome the demons in her past, or will the life she led condemn her for all-time?
Like I said earlier, this is one heck of a wild ride! Deliah doesn't accept for quite awhile that she is dead and it's unclear as to what these stones are that are different colors and has a day stamped on them, except to miss that train is some serious bad trouble unless you align yourself with the Noc, who is really the Crypt, the devil himself is what I think. He's one heck of a creature that the writer described.

Then there is Honest Jack and you would think the name implies that he is a good guy, well, think again! Everyone in the "In Between" want Deliah for all sorts of reasons and none of which I fully understood what they could gain from using her. They are all trapped there so I don't get why they wouldn't help each other instead of fight each other and kill each other.

I do know the reason Noc and the Crypt want her because of her soul. Once she makes a deal with either one of them, she is doomed. Yes, he can take her train ticket rock and put it somewhere in a strange place that means the train people can't find her and she can stay in the "In Between" land for a long time. Some have been there already 12 years waiting for their rock or ticket. Some get it right away, like Deliah. Her's was a Tuesday ticket and it's black and no one really explains to her or to me, what exactly does that mean other than they keep saying, "You must have been really bad to receive a Tuesday ticket as soon as you got here".

Like I said, some have been waiting months, to several years all the way to 12 years for that ticket to appear. What they don't know is that it is the Crypt has stacked the deck against them and then makes them his forever. He figures out a way to get into their minds and play games with them and then he feeds them poisoned food which causes their bodies to get these things called grimes. Crypt can control them when they have the grimes in them.

The only ones who don't get the grimes is the newcomers, like Deliah, mostly. Because while she is there, she always eats the pigeons or rats that are fresh and not spoiled with the grimes in them. That is why the people on the streets want her the most because she is fresh meat with no grimes. Gosh, you would think when you die, it is over and nothing else can happen, well, this book shoots that theory all to hell and back. What an awful place this is and I haven't even told you all of it.

There is another demon called Legion and his pet bird who is as big as a dinosaur. And then there's Honest Jack who isn't what he seems and unfortunately for Deliah, she finds this out too late. This book will definitely keep you on your toes and want to finish it so you can see whether or not she makes it to that train on Tuesday.

Oh, and one last thing, if you die in the "In Between" you are gone forever with no second chance at redemption. So, you have to try and stay alive til the train comes for you to have any shot of making your life right.

Will she make it? You will need to read the book to find out. I left out alot of important things so that you will have lots of suprises to read about. It is a good strong thriller if this is your cup of tea.

Happy Reading!

About the Author:

VLAD VASLYN writes genre fiction from a literary perspective, bringing a unique voice and gritty realism to all of his works. He spends time researching and developing his plots and characters in order to create vivid worlds and themes that resonate with his readers.
His debut novel, BRACHMAN’S UNDERWORLD, has been called “mesmerizing” and “wildly imaginative,” and is available now in paperback and all major digital formats.

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