Thursday, November 29, 2012

Borsa Bella Bag Sponsor Spotlight Review

You won't believe these beautifully bags until you see them for yourself. I have been blessed this year with handbags! I got the London Fog Hobo Bag to review for the Sponsor Spotlight Review and I have to tell you, it's awesome! The winner of the Crazy Christmas Giveaway Package will get a $50 GC to spend on Bora Bella however you wish.

My Hobo Bag's details:

**14” across the bottom
**13” across the top **11.5” tall
**31”-54” adjustable strap
**5 pockets + pen pocket
**Electronic Pocket 9" x 11"

I loved the idea that they have a water resistant lining fabric, which will help keep your valuable cell phones, iPads, Netbooks or eReaders from getting wet. This horizontal pocket measures 11" wide by 9" tall. You can also use the water resistant pocket for the times you go to the beach and protect your personal items such as, magazines, netbooks, cameras, bills or other paper items they don't want to get wrinkled or pushed to the bottom of their purses.

I love the one that I got and the colors on the monitor doesn't begin to tell you until you see it for yourself! Mine is a mixture of brown, white, tan and a little purple to give it that pop! Borsa Bella's bestselling bag just got better with the addition of a padded and water resistant electronics pocket!

The Hobo Bags are all about Pockets! There are 5 pockets on the inside, including one for a pen and one just right for a cell phone, along with 3 other slip pockets (one is large enough for your eReader or iPad). On the outside there is another handy pocket with a zipper. You'll love the water resistant lining fabric, which will help keep your valuable cell phones, iPads or eReaders from getting wet.

The Medium and Large Hobo bags now have the electronics pocket which will fit your eReaders and iPads with most covers or your Borsa Bella eReader bag. The pocket measures 9" wide by 11" high. You can find other uses for this water resistant pocket, like magazines, some netbooks, cameras, bills or other paper items they don't want to get wrinkled. The difference between the Small, Medium and Large Hobo Bags will be their size!

The two inch difference in the height is huge! The pleats in the body of the bag make for a big difference in volume and that's where you'll really notice the size differences. You will find volume-wise you can get far more in the larger sizes.

Hopefully, this picture gives you a better idea of how long the straps are and how big the bag is. Of course, just because it was made to carry an electronic device, doesn't mean you can't use it as a regular bag! I am toying around with it for now just to see what I will do with it eventually. I may just use it to keep all my blog related material in it so I know where it's at, any time I need it.
Who would have thought you would accumlate so much stuff, like business cards, stickers with my logo and name, Thank You cards and note pads that I write down thoughts about something I saw. I even keep my mailing receipts on packages that I have sent out just in case. Then the last thing in there would be the camera and the charger. So, see, it can be used for many things! Just use your imagination.
This bag is called Peace, Love and Baby Doves eReader Travel Bag. It can be used for a Kindle, Nook or other ereader or just a bag for travelling or not. I just wanted you to see some of her other patterns because they are definitely unique and some are so very colorful like this one above.
You can also get your bag monogrammed if you would like to do so. Please be aware that she cannot monogram Hobo Bags and Let's Do Lunch bags. She charges $9.00 to do that, which really isn't a bad price. So, if you wanted, and this was a gift, you could really make it special by personalizing it! Another good way to keep people from "borrowing" your bag and never returning! What would you do to explain the initials if it wasn't yours, right?
Here's what I found in the About Us section:
Melissa’s creative talent was apparent at a young age and her mother adeptly harnessed this talent by teaching her to design and sew at the age of six. A native of Richland, Washington, Melissa was later drawn to the Wenatchee Valley with a fast pitch scholarship offered by Wenatchee Valley College.  
After completing her business degree at Eastern Washington University, she returned to the area and began sewing and designing bags as a hobby. When demand for her creations grew, she began selling her products online and doing home parties. When not designing and sewing bags, Melissa can be found tackling many of the business functions behind Borsa Bella, or on the ice, lending her athletic ability to the Wenatchee Banshee’s ice hockey team.  
Melissa also dedicates volunteer hours to her son’s classroom and enjoys scrapbooking, making jewelry, quilting and cooking.
Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.