Friday, November 30, 2012

Boogie Wipes Sponsor Spotlight Review

I have some awesome products to tell you about that you might want to get for your children and even for yourself, too! These wipes could help you with getting rid of germs. These are saline wipes that have some awesome scents like great grape, magic methol, original fresh and simply unscented.

You can take a pledge and save the sleeve! Which means that you stop the germs that you wipe on your sleeve by using the Boogie Wipes. And so will your kids! With all of the scents that they have, I am sure that one of them will be the right scent for you and your family.

Can you and your family take the Pledge? These Boogie Wipes will keep your noses from getting chapped with the Aloe Vera that is in them along with Vitamin E along with being alcohol free. Gosh, they sure do sound good, huh?  I know when my allergies are acting up the more I rub my nose, the worse it gets! So, I am gonna try these the next time I have that problem and see what happens.  I have not had any sinus problems since getting these but I am sure I will before the winter is over!

I love that they sent me some to keep in my handbag and that are individual ones so that I don't accidently leave the strip down and then they dry out. I have done that before on just regular hand wipes and then the next time I go to use them, they are all dried out! But not these, they have a nice closure clicking sound that let's you know that they are closed. It's not very loud but as a mom and grandmother I can pretty much tell when they are closed or not.

I brought over a few fun facts about our noses. I left the ones that sounded gross alone:

Fun Fact #2: The proper term for picking your nose is Rhinotillexomania.Say what? Rhino means “nose,” tillexis means “habit of picking,” and mania means “excessive enthusiasm.” Put them together and you get one enthusiastic nose picker! And just in case you don’t think you’re one of them, one out of four people admit to picking their nose at least once a day.
Fun Fact #3: Your sinuses can make 2 liters of mucus every day. That’s almost 8.5 cups or the equivalent of how much water you should be drinking each day!
Fun Fact #4: The speed of a sneeze is approximately 100 mph. That’s faster than a cheetah can run. (No statistics yet on the speed of a sneeze from a running cheetah!) In addition to being speedy, a single sneeze can send 100,000 germs into the air! While that might not be good news if you’re standing next to a sneezer, sneezing is actually a good thing. Sneezes protect your body by clearing the nose of bacteria and viruses.

Here's a little history on the awesome woman who started this company:

Julie Pickens and Mindee Doney developed the first ever saline nose wipe called Boogie Wipes® as a solution for their kids’ sore, red, runny noses. Using the idea, their business backgrounds, and mompreneurial spirit, they formed Little Busy Bodies, Inc. in May 2007.
After an intensive research and development process, hiring a chemist, surveying consumers and interviewing manufacturers, Julie and Mindee sold their first package of Boogie Wipes in December 2007. Sales went on to reach $1 million in the company’s first year of business and by 2009; Little Busy Bodies tripled its revenue to $3.4 million.
Mindee decided to leave the company in May 2010 while Julie stayed on as CEO. In 2011, under Julie’s leadership, the company reached $10 million in sales with products sold in 50,000 retail stores across the US and Canada including Target, Toys 'R' Us, Walgreens and Walmart.
In June 2012, Little Busy Bodies entered into a partnership with Nehemiah Manufacturing, marketers of Pampers Kandoo, aimed at leveraging shared expertise in children’s products and a commitment to improving their community.

Connect with Boogie Wipes several ways:

Mailing Address:
1130 Findlay Street

Cincinnati, OH 45214
Phone: 503-469-8888
Toll Free: 877-469-8877

The awesome folks at Boogie Wipes is going to give the winner of my Winter Wonderland Giveaway Package the same items that I reviewed. The Giveaway Event starts on December 1st and ends on the 15th. Good Luck Everyone! Open in the U.S. only!

Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.


ann said...

I have heard of these before alot online, but I have never bought them. I need them tho for my grandson when hes here and sick. Interesting facts you listed here, lots I never knew about. The speed of a sneeze wow . I think I will pass on calling my grandsons nose picking with a name like that LOL

Kay Maher said...

OH, we LOVE Boogie Wipes at our house...all my grandkids use them too! I'm a Boogie Wipes Ambassador, and I always have a supply in my purse ready to hand out to someone with sticky sleeves!!