Tuesday, November 20, 2012

American Patriots Book Review

If you are a history buff or just like to know your heritage or are curious about the past, then this is the book for you! It is called American Patriots and was written by a man named Rick Santorum, whom I sure you recognize the name. Yes, he was running for the Presidency for the Republican Party but they chose Mitt Romney instead.

I have to tell you I was quite taken by Mr. Santorum, among a few others, who I think the American people would have embraced alot better but who am I? Just a plain woman from the North Georgia Mountains but who can recognize a good man when she sees one. I didn't know that he wrote books and when I saw this one, I knew I had to get it for Mike's collection of history books because Mr. Santorum is writing about real people who fought in the Revolution, you know, the one where we fought the British to be free?

Well as things go, we never hear about the little man, the good man, the man who believed in honesty and loved his country. Same goes for the early women of this time. Mr. Santorum took it upon himself to gather a group of people together to research the Revolution and the unsung heroes that we are not told about in history while in school. Yes, we know the ones who were large in life, but what about the every day man or woman? I have kept this book hidden until I had a moment to do the review and then I am wrapping it up for Mike for Christmas. He belongs to a history book club and is fascinated about our history so I know he will love this book.

I will give you a few example's as this is not a book about a story. It is short paragraphs or a few pages that tells you a little bit of why each of these 25 men and women helped the big fish win the war. But, they aren't mentioned in our history books and that is a shame because some of them sound like characters right out of the most important part of our history, that we should have been told about.

For example, did you know that several women offered to be spies and risked their lives to gather info on the British and delivered it to the Americans? One in fact, I laugh now, because I can just see her doing it, was sent to deliver a message and she was stopped by the British and I guess they were gentlemen because they went to seek a woman who would frisk her down to see if she was carrying any secret papers. While they were gone, she calmly took the papers hidden in her shoes and tore them up and ate them!!! Can you believe that? What quick thinking but also, what courage it took to eat those papers knowing you might choke to death with nothing to wash them down with!!

Another example was a freed slave, oh and by the way, the Revolutionary soldiers back then needed every man they could get, so they made a declaration for every slave that helped in the fight would earn his freedom. So, one southern plantation owner had relayed this info onto his slaves and one such man accepted. They were in fact, not just owner and slave but friends and he knew this would be the only way it would be safe for him to let his friend go and be free. This slave went on to do some incredible things for the war and when it was over he returned home but his former friend and plantation owner was in ruins.

Because he had showed great courage and without his help, lots of soldiers would have died, the commanding officer wrote a letter saying that this former slave should get alot of land for his bravery. He became the first black man to own land and when he returned, he took his friend in and they lived their life out as friends, not slave and master.

I found an interesting chapter in the book regarding Roman Catholics. Even though this family was in America and they were Catholics, they did not hold any of the freedoms that other men had. They were even among the richest in that state but they still had little say in just about everything. They actually lived in Maryland and that colony was made for the Catholics only. But, they still were not allowed to vote and had little say in the government. He was the one who organized a smaller tea party like the Boston Tea Party, this was the Annapolis Tea Party.

And one last thought on this Roman Catholic, he was the only Roman Catholic who was allowed to sign the Declaration of Independence and another honor that we didn't know about until now was that he was the very last signer of the Declaration of Independence to die in 1832. Thomas Jefferson had died in 1826 and at a time when the average age to live was 35, Mr. Carroll lived to be 95! He was the last one of the signers to die, marking the end of that great time in history.

If you love history and want to know the names of some of these courageous people that evidently our country did not think it was important enough to mention them, then you need to read this book. You will see that one man or one woman can do remarkable things when they put their minds to it and don't let the odds beat them. Too bad we have lost alot of that today.

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