Sunday, November 18, 2012

Amano Artisan Chocolate Sponsor Spotlight Review

I recently was sent a package of these dark chocolates from Amano Artisan Chocolates to review and here are the ones that I got:

1.) Guaya (from Ecuador)
2.) Cuyagua (from Venezuela)
3.) Ocumare (from Venezuela)
4.) Montanya (from Venezuela)
5.) Morobe (from New Guinea)
6.) Chuao (signature series)

All of these were very dark with all being about 70% cocao.  I normally can eat dark chocolate and believe it or not, did it for months one time while on Sugar Busters diet until my pancreas started acting up and I spent alot of time in the hospital and that was a very unpleasant feeling but not the way you might be thinking.  Most people with pancreas problems are either diabetic or are alcoholics.

Well, I was neither but every dang doctor that came into my room trying to figure out what went wrong would ask me those 2 questions over and over. Finally, I got a gastro doctor in Atlanta and come to find out my gallbladder was bad and when they took it out, I never had another problem! But the real reason for this revelation:  he told me to get off of that Sugar Buster diet and go home and eat all the rice and potatoes I wanted. 

He said I sent my body into shock by eliminating all of the things it said to in the book, sorta like Atkins, no carbs, just protein, but at least on Sugar Busters, you could eat 10 almonds a day and one small 70%  chocolate piece. Now, I am not saying it was the chocolate. It was not getting any carbs.  The doctor says you need carbs for your body to function and when you cut them all out, you are gonna have a problem.

Now, I still do occasionally eat 70% chocolate but it is from just a regular chocolate maker, not an artisan chocolate maker. I think these chocolates will make great toppings on desserts and such and maybe a pinch here and there for health issues (suppose to be good for you).

I did give several bars to my friend and neighbor because she is into these more than I am and she loved every one of them. So, I am glad that I found someone who could enjoy them because they are made from the loving hands of Amano Artisan Chocolates and I would hate to disappoint them, and now I don't have to because my friend thought they were awesome.  She especially liked the Chuao and the Cuyagua. She said something about one other one but I forgot which one. She said she was going to use the others for her Christmas candy that she makes every year. She makes awesome rum balls and peanut butter balls.

This is Art Pollard's promise to all of us:
I founded Amano to create a chocolate company where the word "compromise" was never spoken and where quality and flavor reign supreme. While our chocolate has received world-wide recognition for its superior flavor, each day we hone our techniques and focus once again on making our chocolate even better. We seek to make the ultimate chocolate so that you can enjoy the ultimate chocolate.
Just look at all of the Awards he has won with his awesome chocolates:

International Awards

GOLD: Amano Dos Rios Palet D’or

2011 London Academy of Chocolate

GOLD: Amano Madagascar 70%

2009 London Academy of Chocolate

SILVER: Amano (Packaging)

2011 London Academy of Chocolate

SILVER: Amano Ocumare Milk

2011 London Academy of Chocolate

SILVER: Amano Chuao

2011 London Academy of Chocolate
I had no idea that this kind of thing went on. I knew that wine had these things but 70% chocolate? So, I am pretty in awe of the awards that Art has amassed and now I wish I could have enjoyed them more than I did. But when I saw that it wasn't going to happen, I found somebody who did and she loved them! So, I can still attest that they are good if you are into 70% cocoa chocolate, you will love these top notch chocolate bars!
About Amano Chocolate:
Amano Chocolate is located about 40 miles south of Salt Lake City in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains in Orem, Utah. With great mountainous vistas along the east side of the city and Utah Lake on the west, Orem is reminiscent of the great cities in the Alps (though it is a lot newer of course).
Factory Store
Our factory store is currently closed. Locating it in an industrial area (next to our factory) wasn't the best location. We are currently scouting for a new more highly trafficed location.
Connect with Amano Chocolates several ways:
Mailing Address:
Amano Artisan Chocolate
496 South, 1325 West
Orem, UT 84058
The nice guys at Amano Artisan Chocolates is going to give the winner of the Holly Jolly Jubilee 2 bars of their famous Artisan Chocolates. Giveaway Event starts on November 19th and ends on the 30th.  Good Luck Everyone! Open in the U.S. only.

Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.


ann said...

Wow they have won lots of awards for their chocolate, tho I have never heard the name before. i am a all out chocolate lover. Sorry about your medical problems

Dana Wales said...

I am not real big on dark chocolate but my hubby loves a a good well made, chocolate! He is a connoisseur lol :)

Gina Brickell said...

Yumm!! You could have given them to me to try!! I absolutely love chocolate and can not stay away from it.. These look wonderful! Kind of curious how they taste. Never had chocolate from Venezuela..

Gala said...

sounds like an amazing product

Kathryn Merkel said...

A lifelong chocoholic myself, I'm sorry you weren't able to enjoy these bars yourself.