Friday, November 30, 2012

Almost A Turkish Soap Opera Book Review

We are switching up gears again and even though it has some drama like effects in this book, I viewed it as a comedy with lots of hilarious or downright dumb antics of a man who aspires to be a soap opera star! In Istanbul, no less! The name of the book is Almost A Turkish Soap Opera written by Anne-Rae Vasquez.

Here is an excerpt from her book:
Almost a Turkish Soap Opera is about Adel, a young Turkish man whose family has lived in poverty while his grand uncle controls the inheritance money which rightfully belongs to his father. Adel travels to the USA with his best friend Kamil, works illegally, and is deported back to Istanbul.  
He flies to Canada, marries his rich grand uncle's spoiled obnoxious granddaughter in exchange for his permanent resident status. He becomes infatuated with his beautiful English teacher and tries to hide this from his wife. How did his life turn into a Turkish soap opera?
Adel is 27 years old, single and has 2 younger sisters, all of whom have honey blond hair and emerald green eyes. He also has 2 younger brothers.

Adel decides to go to America and calls his friend Kamel who is 25 years old and they first go to Hollywood and they get jobs driving an aiport shuttle illegally.  Adel is discovered and sent back to Turkey.

He then makes plans to move to Canada and marry a girl that his family sets up for him. It is his grand uncle's granddaugher and she is spoiled rotten! They get married and later Adel & Kamel go to college and one of their teacher's is Nora, whom they had met at the airport in L.A.

He knew he really liked Nora but knew his grand uncle was preparing his arranged marriage with his granddaughter, Yonka. Turns out Yonka loves someone else and is actually pregnant by Mario and she wants to marry him instead. They both knew that they had to go thru with the marriage, even though they loved other people.

They made the agreement that they would sleep in different beds and bedrooms. Yonka finds out about Nora and calls her a whore and tells her to leave her husband alone. Adel insists that he loves her when Nora tries to break it off.

Meanwhile, Yonka finally meets up with Mario and she tries to get back with him but when he finds out she is married to someone else, he walks out on her! She finally tells her Grand Uncle that she is in love with Mario and having his baby. She wants the marriage to Adel annulled.

Adel goes back to Turkey and there he fianlly meets the woman for him!

There is alot more I left out but it was mind boggling all the ins and outs of there relationships and who wanted whom and who they finally ended up with. Those will be shockers and I will save that for you to find out!

Happy Reading!
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Dana Wales said...

Wow this does sound like a Turkish soap opera lol but it does sound good!