Thursday, November 1, 2012

Alexander Del Rossa Nightgown Sponsor Spotlight Review

I recently got this very same nightgown called,Priscilla - Victorian White Cotton, to review from Alexander Del Rossa and I love it! The reason you don't see me modeling it is that it is 100% cotton and you can see right thru it, so hubby said no way was I taking a picture of that on!

But, I can tell you it is absolutely gorgeous. It has lined lace details in several places and I will admit to you that I could have wore a smaller size but I got the next one up because of it being 100% cotton and I know if my hubby ever washes clothes when I am not around, that thing will end up in the dryer shrunk! Plus, I like alot of extra room in my gowns!

Who wants to sleep with something binding them? I sure don't. That is one time in your day or night that you should be comfortable and cozy, not feeling like you are gonna bust out of something!
I almost got this one called Patricia, but because I am short that gown would have swallowed me whole and would be dragging the ground and then I would feel boxed in again because I like my feet to be clear also.

 I like to kick the covers off at night and let them be out and wearing a long gown won't do. But it sure was tempting! I have to admit that Alexander Del Rossa makes some very beautiful gowns and robes!
I thought about getting a winter robe but I almost am ashamed to admit I collect them and must have enough to give 20 women or so a robe to sleep in if they were ever stranded at my house. I love them. I also probably have about 25 pairs of slippers, too! You see, I feel at my best with my nighttime clothes and they are so comfortable that I just like them better than clothes!
You are gonna love all the different types of PJ's, Robes, Gowns, Boxers, Sleepwear, Chemises, Night Shirts, Silk Gowns, Sleep Shorts, Men's PJ's, Hooded Robes and even the One Piece Footed Pajamas, that I would never wear, but I guess it parts where it really is cold, they probably come in handy!
I grabbed a little bit about Del Rossa's what I would call mission statement or integrity statement and because it is very long I did not get all of it. I suggest you go and read the rest. They talk about what goes on in the factories here and over in China and other places. I found it to be different and a whole new light is shed on workers:
In the age of global trade there is no shortage of apparel in every conceivable fabric and design. But how often is it that the clothing we purchase doesn't merely meet our expectations but truly surpasses our expectations and impresses us to the point that we really love wearing what we've purchased?   
Probably not too often. And it is with this realization that we begin producing our products. How can we produce a garment that will so impress our customers to the point where they feel what they've purchased is truly beautiful, extremely comfortable and at the same time quite affordable. 
For sleepwear, the most important point is fabric. If the fabric isn't comfortable, if it doesn't feel good against your skin, if its too rigid or too heavy then its not going to feel good to wear. After all, most sleepwear is made to be worn around the house or to bed and its in these times that comfort is of the utmost importance. 
Therefore we've literally spent years developing the best possible fabrics for use in our sleepwear. If its terry cotton, how well does it absorb water?; how soft is it? and how durable and long lasting is it? If its satin, how soft, light and durable is it? etc. 
Unfortunately, there's no shortage of cheap low-quality clothing in the marketplace and fabrics are usually where manufacturers will skimp and choose a lesser quality in order to keep the cost down. Our customers will never have this problem.
Connect with Alexander Del Rossa several ways:

Mailing Address:
2323 N State Street, UNIT 79/80
Bunnel, FL 32110
Phone: 866-420-3107

Alexander Del Rossa has been kind enough to offer the winner of my Winter's Coming Giveaway Blog Hop Event a $50 GC to spend in their online store! This event starts on November 1st and ends on the 15th. Open to the U.S. only! Good Luck!

Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.


Allison Downes said...

I would love to get one of their robes :) Thanks for sharing!