Saturday, November 10, 2012

Alchemilla Sponsor Spotlight Review

I have really stepped out of my comfort zone this holiday season and took on quite alot of new companies to review and to introduce to you. I found this one quite by accident but am glad that I did because they have some amazing organic/natural products that you are going to just love! The name of the company is Alchemilla Natural Skincare and they sent me two products to review from their awesome line of products.
I was sent their Exfoliating Face Wash Cream and the Organic Lavender Body Cream. Wow, they both smell amazing and the creams in both the Face Wash and the Body Cream are light and fluffy and go on so smooth they just melted into my skin. The Face Wash is so awesome, it's hard to put into words how it can exfoliate and still be so creamy. Look at what the benefits are from using this Exfoliating Face Wash Cream:
Beauty Benefits:
- Cleans and refines skin to silky perfection.
- Very gentle, perfect for sensitive skin.
- De-flakes, loosens and removes dead skin cells.
- Brightens and enlivens the complexion.
- Prevents clogging of pores.
- Prepares skin for moisture and makeup to follow.
- A gentle facial exfoliant for all, including sensitive,
skin types.
It is actually the very small smooth spheres of natural jojoba that gently loosens your dead skin to help your face get that natural radiant skin. I love running my hands over my face when it's been washed just to feel the softness. This is one wash you won't ever forget. It has been made with mildly antibacterial rosemary and calendula and antioxidant sea buckthorn berry and moisturizing shea butter. (we have been seeing this sea buckthorn berry alot, haven't we?). I think everyone must be paying attention to what Dr. Oz said!

Now, everyone knows how much I love Lavender anything and this is gonna be one of the Body Creams that you will love and I will too, no matter what the scent is because it feels so silky smooth going on and my skin absorbed it pretty quick so there was no greasy after feel. I get that a good bit with other body lotions or creams but this one actually melted and sunk into the skin. Course, I have extremely dry skin so it's thirsty for moisture but it's so hard finding a lotion or cream that you are afraid to sit down and put your legs up on the couch for fear it will rub off. We won't have that problem with this one, that's for sure! 
Beauty Benefits:
- Soothes, hydrates and nourishes skin.
- Lavender calms and uplifts the senses.
- Leaves skin feeling smooth and supple.
It has extracts of Marshmallow, Rose and Calendula to help soothe and condition the skin, Oregon Lavender Body Cream leaves skin feeling hydrated, velvety-smooth and delicately scented.  The other two scents you could choose from are Almond Apricot (this one sounds interesting) and Lemon Verbena.  So, you can get it in those scents also if you're not a Lavender fanatic like me.
They have a wonderful line of other skincare and bodycare that you really need to go check out along with some awesome hair care products.  They also have Body Lotions and Hand Lotions if Body Creams aren't your thing or you can try some of the Body Oils. Mmm, now that I might like! And they do have a sugar scrub, which everyone knows is also one of my faves! They have a whole line of skincare products and it looks pretty extensive so on that one, I am gonna let you go take a gander because it's a long list. On top of that they have all kinds of essential oils and blends and lastly they have several natural remedies for skin problems such as salves and ointments.
Here's what I found in About Us:
Alchemilla is a family owned, Oregon-based company that evolved from a genuine love of plants and a passion for exploring the ways in which they can nourish and support human life.
Since 2006, we have created every product by hand, in small batches.
Our mission is to produce a high-quality, natural skin care line based on healing plant ingredients that provide the skin with what it needs to thrive optimally.
Alchemilla products never contain toxic chemicals or synthetic fragrances. The herbs and flowers that you’ll find in our products are grown organically, wild-harvested or chemically-free in our own Oregon-based herb garden.
Connect with Alchemilla several ways:

Phone:  888) 268-6861

Alchemilla has been so very kind as to offer the (2) winner's of my Giving Green - The Green Gift Giveaway that starts on November 12th and ends on the 26th, their own set of products just like the ones I just reviewed! You will adore this face wash, I promise! Open to the U.S. only.

Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. 


Gina Brickell said...

I'm always up for trying new products on my face. I am always wanting to find something that works better than what I'm currently using.. Epecially if there isn't a bunch of chemicals in there.. These sound great!

Allison Downes said...

I could definitley use this. I have really annoying pores, they get clogged easily, so this would be nice to try out

Thanks for sharing!

desitheblonde said...

count me inf for tryina it and blogging on it for you

Gala said...

Love that their products never contain toxic chemicals or synthetic fragrances and ingredients are grown organically or wild-harvested

judi said...

I love exfoliating cleansers but I have to watch out for harsh ingredients. My combination skin doesn't do well with the cleansers for oily skin but if I use dry skin cleansers it gets too oily. This looks like a good combination of ingredients. I also love that they offer alternatives to lavender. I love the smell but we have allergies to it in this house.