Sunday, November 18, 2012

Absolis Patyka Body Wash Sponsor Spotlight Review

I don't know if you have heard about this line or not, but I can tell you  absolutely did not and I guess it's because they are in France and I just lucked up one day out of the blue with a rep who handles several of these French brands and she hooked me up with several different ones and this is one of them. I thought about putting all of them in one big giveaway so that someone could really have a "French" Experience but I think they wanted them to be in contests by themselves, so I have been spreading them out. 
Which I guess is a good thing because more people will now be aware of the products. This one above is called Absolis Patyka and it is a White Grape Body Wash that smells like Heaven! Seriously, the French have something going on here that I am surprised that more of us don't know about this great little body wash and all the other products that this company makes.
There is a French word on the box that says Enivrant which means Bewitching! And honestly, I can just about agree. There is something almost intoxicating about this body wash that blows the mind. I have never heard of a white grape body wash, have you? The scent is a fresh & fruity combination that will absolutely stun you! I am at a loss of words because I have nothing to compare it to. You always here about the French and their scents and how they pride themselves on smelling the best, well, after using and smelling this awesome body wash, I tend to agree!
They have a body lotion that goes with the body wash as a set when you buy it from the company that makes it but the rep for the agency told me that this body wash can also be bought at the for $45.00! Now, I guess if you try and buy it at the French online store, I guess you would more than likely pay more for it but even $45 for a body wash is way over my head. So, I will savor this one bottle until it longer can give me anymore!
One thing I can say is that you will definitely be smelling like one exotic creature with this awesome scent. I don't know what the body lotion smells like but if it is anything like this body wash, wow, you will have the men eating out of your hand! Maybe that is why we don't see it much over here? Mmm, maybe that is it!
I did look around on their site and they sell a full range of skincare including anti aging so who knows what they have in that department. You don't see too many women on TV with many aging problems like you do here in the U.S., so they may be on to something. When I have more time, I need to dig around and see what all they have to say! For now, I will just concentrate on this White Grape Body Wash that will win your heart as much as it did mine!
Oh, I did just check the French site and they only ship to a French address for free, so I would have no idea what shipping charges all the way over here would entail. So, it might be best to just get it at the for now! Now, that leads me to another problem. Which one gets the credit for this? I think I will go with the since that is where the rep told me to tell you it can be bought. Okay, here is what I found on the and yes, they carry the full line it looks like of this brand and it is still pretty expensive but if the scent on this one is any indication, they must all smell awesome.
Here is what says about the Absolis Patyka:
PATYKA Absolis Body Wash cleans, moisturizes and revitalizes the skin. Raspberry fruit extract provides anti-inflammatory benefits for sensitive skin and irritation due to shaving and sunburns. Tangerine peel oil promotes circulation to improve the skin's tone and texture. Plus, it infuses the skin with a sweet, fruity scent.

Deeply rooted in harmonizing beauty, responsibility, pleasure and efficacy, PATYKA has successfully created unique formulas that redefine what it means to feel beautiful. Their botanical and apothecary inspired skin care and body care products incorporate ancient formulas coupled with a modern sensibility and global consciousness.

A fusion of French expertise and an aesthetically pleasing approach give the user an enjoyable experience while they care for their well-being and skin. PATYKA provides two lines: Biokaliftin, for anti-aging, and Absolis, for combination and dry skin. All products are made with natural ingredients blended to perfection for desirable, effective formulations.
Connect with the several ways:

Shop by Phone:  1-800-213-DERM (3376)

Okay, I am totally convinced that this brand is the bomb, now and so will you! One of you will be getting this same body wash that I just reviewed in the Holly Jolly Jubilee that starts on November 19th and ends on the 30th. Good Luck Everyone and Open in the U.S. only.

Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.


Gala said...

sounds like a "must" for every lady's bath/pampering event

Kathryn Merkel said...

Oooh, the scent sounds divine. I've been on a fruit scent kick lately, but haven't run across any good grape stuff yet.