Friday, November 16, 2012

A Merry Little Christmas Book Review

I have a wonderful Christmas holiday book for you guys called A Merry Little Christmas written by Anita Higman. It will warm your heart and make you appreciate what you have and the family that is around you on Christmas.

Here is an excerpt from the back of the book:
Franny Martin is an Oklahoma farm girl who’s preparing to spend the holidays alone…again. Then Charlie Landau shows up one day, all wealth and polish, and offers to buy Franny’s farm. Franny has no money to speak of, but she is clever and spirited, and she’s more than happy to sell the farm and move to the city.  
As Sinatra croons from the radio and Christmas descends upon her charming farm, Franny teaches Charlie the curious and sometimes comical ways of country life. In the process, they unearth some discoveries of the heart—that sometimes love comes when you’re least ready for it. Will the holidays bring their most impossible dreams within reach?
Franny Martin has always lived on her family's farm in Oklahoma. After the passing of her mother and father she pretty much had kept the farm a float all by herself. She has had it up for sale for several years and no one was even inquiring about it. So, she figured she would be there forever. She actually loved the farm, her dog Henry, all the hogs, cattle and everyday chores.

Charlie Landau shows up one day and says he's buying the farm. He needs to prove to his very wealthy father he can do something successfully, Charlie's first love is music but his father is against it. Charlie's brother, Willie loves to paint and is very good at it but their father frowns upon that also. He wants both boys to be out there making money and more money!

Franny teaches Charlie all she can and tells him she neds to find a job for herself in Oklahoma City. She wants to be a deejay but no one will hire her. She meets a black woman Noma. Noma invites her to stay the night with her, feeds her good meals and even washes her muddy clothes. Next day Franny goes to work at a diner and in came Noma for lunch.

Since the 1960's were a days of unrest for the blacks, Noma was not treated kindly and Franny quit that very day. She went back to the farm with Charlie. Charlie's dad had told him if you marry this unbred woman I will put Willie in a mental facility forever and cut you out of all of your inheritance.

Charlie is so troubled he goes high up on a ledge overlooking the farm and prays and feels peace in his heart from God.

I will leave the rest of the story for you to figure out what happens next plus all the good stuff that I left out in the middle here and there!

Happy Reading!

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