Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vermont Nut Free Chocolates Review

I was very lucky recently to get to review a great chocolate company called Vermont Nut Free Chocolates and here is what they sent me to review:

1.) Halloween Medallions
2.) Crispy Jack-O-Lantern
3.) Halloween Pops

Now, you saw the Crispy Jack O Lantern up on top and boy, was he good! I love crispy chocolate anything and this one did not disappoint me in the least. It is milk chocolate along with rice crispies to make it have that wonderful crunchy noise! Now, I will tell you that the middle of the Jack O Lantern is very thick so I would take a knife and cut it in half because you don't want anyone breaking a tooth over that little monster!

Now, the little bag I am holding up above is the Halloween Medallions and there are a good bit of them in that nylon bag. Each one is wrapped in different colors but the insides all have different faces of Halloween characters that we all have come to love and hate at the same time. They were all milk chocolate and tasted really yummy!
Then, lastly was the Dark Chocolate Jack O Lantern Halloween Pop! Now, hubby isn't into that Dark Chocolate stuff, so it's a good thing I am. So, I got to enjoy this one all to myself! They come in Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate also, so don't freak out that they only come in Dark Chocolate. They have alot more Halloween goodies you can choose from like a pumpkin shaped box filled with Truffles and Caramel or Marshmallow Pumpkins. I think both of those sound really up my alley!

They also have something called a Pretzel Caramel Bark that looks like it is totally awesome and I would have loved to try that one one! I am a chocolate nut but caramels come in a second close. So, anything with caramels would have been awesome. Another one that sounded up my alley was the Toffee Crunch Bark. I think you have heard me talk alot about toffee in the past to know it is one of my greatest weaknesses.

Vermont Nut Free Candies is not just about Halloween candy either. They have regular candies and they also have Thanksgiving shaped candies up on their site right now. I bet later on is when they will make the Christmas candy. Boy, I bet those will really be something. You can also buy some of their baking chocolates from them! For those of you who are on a more strict diet, they have granola bars! Here is what they look like:

They are called Tanabar's and they come in Chocolate Chip, Sweet Raisin and Triple Berry. You can buy them individually or they come in boxes of 12. So, if healthy eating is your thing, they have something for you, too!
These are the MetaBalls are for energy. Packed with nutrition, the MetaBall 3 pack gives you energy to burn. Maximize workouts, work days, sporting events and school days. Wow, you can really get some serious work done on these little babies! Gonna have to try them sometime in the near future. With Fibromyalgia and Hypothyroid, I need all the help I can get!

I did not get the whole story from the About Us, so go back when you can and read the rest:
Vermont Nut Free Chocolate Company was founded by the mother of a little boy with a peanut allergy. Our entire selection is completely safe for those with any tree nut or peanut allergy but can also be enjoyed by anyone who loves fine chocolates.  
We are committed to providing you with quality chocolates that are safe for those with any nut or peanut allergy. Our gourmet chocolate truffles, fruit creams, mint creams, caramels, raisin clusters, chocolate bars and novelty items are made in small batches the old fashioned way from the finest nut free ingredients.  
All of our centers are hand made from scratch in our own nut free facility and then individually dipped into premium chocolate before being hand packed and shipped fresh to you.
Connect with Vermont Nut Free Chococlates several ways:

Mailing Address:
10 Island Circle
Grand Isle, VT 05458
Phone: 1-888-468-8373 or 802-372-4654
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Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monitary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from you.