Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Miracle Inspector Book Review

I have a really good thriller/mystery book to tell you about called The Miracle Inspector written by Helen Smith. I thought I would change gears since we have been doing alot of Romance and a good bit of Amish books lately. You will love this book if you like thrillers/science ficton.

Here is a small excerpt from the back of the book:
A darkly comic dysopian novel set in the near future. England has been partitioned and London is an oppressive place where poetry has been forced underground, theatres and schools are shut, and women are not allowed to work outside the home.  
A young couple, Lucas and Angela, try to escape from London – with disastrous consequences.
This book is set in London and women are forbidden to be out on the streets of London.

Lucas and Angela are a married couple in this book. Lucas works at the ministry and for some reason they are seeking a "miracle".

They have a friend named Maureen who has a child named Christina who is disabled and will only smile if she likes you.

So, Lucas decides to take Angela to see Christina one day, which was a very stupid thing to do!

Christina likes Angela because she sings to her and the little girl smiles.

The very next day Lucas is arrested and is interrogated daily.

Maureen, Angela and Christina escape London but Maureen is caught by some very ugly and mean men and is never seen again.

You really need to read this futuristic book! What a story! I have read lots of books lately that deal with the future and it is always bad. So, in some ways, I think I am gonna be glad that I won't be here when all of this happens.

Seems kinda strange to me that everyone writes nothing good about the future. It is always about how bad we have become and how strange things are.

This book will definitely have you wondering what has happened to us as human beings.

About the Author:
Helen Smith is a member of the Writers Guild of Great Britain and English PEN. She traveled the world when her daughter was small, doing all sorts of strange jobs to support them both – from cleaning motels to working as a magician’s assistant – before returning to live in London where she wrote her first novel which was published by Gollancz (part of the Hachette Group).  
She is the author of bestselling cult novel Alison Wonderland. She writes novels, poetry, plays and screenplays and is the recipient of an Arts Council of England Award. She’s a long-term supporter of the Medical Foundation for the Victims of Torture and mentors members of an exiled writers group to help them tell their stories.
Her latest book is the dystopian thriller The Miracle Inspector.


Helen Smith said...


Thanks for the review and the recommendation for my book. And thanks to your readers who are entering the giveaway for the book - I hope whoever wins will enjoy it.


M.A.D. said...

Thank you both for such an awesome giveaway - I really enjoy dystopians, especially sci-fi/futuristic ones such as this! The Miracle Inspector sounds incredible :D
Mary DeBorde M.A.D.

Jennifer Haile said...

I love Dystopians! They always make me think how lucky I am not to live in their world!

Gala said...

I love books about future, especially nice one