Monday, October 29, 2012

Taste of Nirvana Real Coconut Water Review

I have to tell you that I was really excited about getting to review some of these Coconut Waters because I had heard so much about them and I really wanted to know what they tasted like. I was so excited the day that they both arrived.

They sent the:

1. Real Coconut Water
2. Real Coco Aloe Water

So, imagine my suprise and disappointment when I read on the back of the bottle that each one had 600 grams of potassium!!! I just about had a heart attack. I can't even take 85 grams of potassium let alone 600! I never once thought about coconut having potassium but the more I learn about food and drinks, the more I realize that we are putting it in just about everything.

I was so disappointed but I still wanted to make sure that I got a review and I knew my friend loved coconut and so I called her up and said she could come and get them and then tell me about them. I have I.C. (there's a long name that I can't spell, but basically, it is chronic bladder pain brought on my ingesting too much potassium)! They don't know why and haven't found any cure other than I have to watch every little gram of potassium! I do have about 4 pills I have to take every day because it's very hard to find anything that doesn't have potassium.

Even the plainest cereals have it (Cheerios) but it is low enough that if I don't get it from anywhere else, I can have a bowl for breakfast. It's just not fair! I have given up so many foods! Can't have bananas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, yogurt abd the list goes on and on. They even put it in crackers and that is what I used to eat when I would get queasy on my stomach but now, I have to do without.

Anyway, my friend said she loved the Real Coconut Water and that the Coco Aloe was okay but that it would have been better without the chunks but it didn't stop her from finishing both of them. She is really more into the health kick as far as foods and drinks. I have had to give up watching calories. I have to eat whatever I can find that has low potassium, no matter how high the calories. She said she made a coconut cake one night and poured some of the juice into her batter instead of using the milk I think she said, and it made the cake taste really good.

Well, see, there goes another thing I won't be having for Thanksgiving! I always get a big piece of coconut cake because Mike hates it so it's the only time I get it. I guess now that I know coconut has that much potassium, even the coconut cake is history! It really really isn't fair! I wished now all those years I starved myself to stay slim and sleek at 105 to 110, I wish I had ate whatever I wanted if I had known when I got older that everything was gonna turn on me. That is basically what they think is happening.

My body is fighting itself thinking it's the enemy and won't hardly accept any of the nutrients and because I have RA, the inflammation is fueling the irritation that the potassium starts. But for those of you who love coconut like me, my friend said you will love the Real Coconut Water. She said the Coco Aloe would take a little getting used to but once you did, it might not be so bad. We just didn't have enough for her to get used to it but she really raved about the Real Coconut Water.

I noticed that they had other items also that you could get like a BBQ Sauce and then some tea products? They have Real Green Tea Latte, Real Thai Latte Coffee and Real Thai Tea Latte. I don't know, those sound either spicy hot or may have the high levels of potassium too! But, for those of you who have no issues like I do, I bet those sound like heaven to you. 

I know it did to me until a few years ago when all this hit the fan!  So, go and enjoy and think of me when you are drinking one of those drinks or eating something wonderful with that sauce. Oh, I just thought of something, I guess that means no more pina coladas at the beach! Dang it!

Here is a little bit of History I found out about the company:
Nirvana Foods & Commerce International Co., Ltd was founded in 2003 with the mission to provide the best tasting beverages using Thailand’s resources. Implementing GMP and HACCP practices when we first opened our doors, we have been recognized and hold certificates from Moody international.  
With over 25 years of experience producing milk tea and coffee beverages in the United States. We have knowledge in producing ready to drink coffee, teas, coconut water, functional health drinks, and energy drinks. We currently produce all these drink items under the brand: TASTE NIRVANA.
Connect with Taste of Nirvana several ways:

Mailing Address:
20250 Paseo Robles
Walnut, California 91789
United States
Phone: 909.598.4300
Fax:     909.598.4344
 Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monitary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.