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Nano Style's I Love You Pendant Review

I was very honored recently to be picked as one of the few bloggers to review this awesome looking pendant. I did not look at it very closely so I wasn't sure if that was just one of the many pictures they used or if I would be reviewing that one or something else. Also, please be aware that effective mid-end of November (this month) they will feature brand new ring collections, as well as more range in existing categories and updated designs of existing pendants.

I was still a little clueless until a few days ago I saw the pendant on someone else's blog and realized it was expensive but that inside that pendant there holds an astounding 120 languages that all say "I Love You"! I thought, wow, how in the world did someone get that many words in 120 languages on that small pendant?

I was given the opportunity to review this pendant from NanoStyle and of course, the pendant is called I Love You 120 Languages Pendant Onyx and it actually comes in silver and in gold. This pendant is very beautiful and I bet the gold one would have been just as pretty. I am a gold person and rarely wear silver but I will definitely wear this one from time to time. 

NanoStyle also has other kinds of necklaces to choose from and they are all beautiful in their own right. They have a man the one and a woman one that are in square form versus the one you see above.  The woman is the one at the top and the man is the man on the bottom left side. They are all made with the same black onyx and the gold symbols and still have the 120 ways to say I Love You, they are just in different forms.  It really all depends on what your style is. But they are all equally beautiful in their own way.

Each piece of jewelry comes with it's own tiny little magnifying glass so that you can hopefully see some of the words. I have such bad eyesight that it was hard for me to really pick anything out but I did see some words with my left eye. I had to keep my right eye closed because something is wrong with it! It really hurts and I can barely open it so I apologize that my writing might be a little off. I am trying to get this done in time and wanted to make this an awesome review and I am hoping that you will go and look up this jewelry to see just how beautiful it really is.

Mike seems to think I may have scratched it somehow and that being on the computer has made things worse for my eyesight. That is another reason why I have slowed down the last few days trying to give my eyes a rest to see if it will help but if it doesn't, I guess I will have to do what Mike wants me to do. So, come Monday morning I will be making calls to eye doctors and see who can fit me in to make sure I don't have a scratch or something else going on. Wouldn't it be my luck right here when I am at the busiest time of year and my eye goes bad???!!!!

This is the little magnifying glass I was talking about. You can use it to bring the words out better so you can read them on the pendant. I bet you guys will have better luck at seeing the words and I hope once my right eye is okay, that I too, will see the words perfectly.

All love pendants may be purchased in 925 Sterling Silver, 14 Karat Gold or TopGold. A silver chain is included with each silver pendant. A gold chain is available separately for purchase with any gold or silver pendants. They do come in a array of colorful gems besides the black and gold.  Like this one for instance:

It still has the 120 ways in different languages to say "I Love You", it is just in a different style. It looks like it comes in a hot pink, really nice blue color and a purplish color. You can also get these in either chose of gold or silver. I even found out that you can get rings in the same 120 ways to say "I Love You" and I found one in my favorite color: gold!

I love this ring! It also comes in different colors so you can design to your heart's content! I am so glad I found this site because it opens up a whole new meaning of finding ways to say I Love You but to also find new and exciting new jewelry that we did not know existed until now.

For now, all I can show you with certainity is the one that I got to review, the pendant that says I Love You in 120 ways on a heart that is gold with a black onyx background. It goes very well with a nice understated black velour dress and then use this necklace as the only centerpiece, and you will have people talking about you all night wondering what it means and only you and your spouse or partner will know the truth unless you decide to spill the beans. Me, I think I will keep them guessing for a little while longer!  You will get free shipping and 60 days money back guarantee.

Here is a little bit that I dug up about Nano Style in the About Us:
NanoStyle was launched in 2009 after 15 years of experience in the field of fine jewelry.
The founders of NanoStyle draw from their experience in the European and American markets providing the international market with cutting edge technology in innovative jewelry design.
NanoStyle aims to continue bringing you superior quality jewelry at an excellent value with world class service.
Through these contemporary jewelry collections NanoStyle aspires to connect people of all faiths and forms of spirituality bringing beauty and exquisite expressions of faith to all. Each NanoStyle pendant, inspired by the individuality found in the world’s diverse cultures, faiths and beliefs, is an experience and an art form.
Connect with NanoStyle several ways:

Phone:  1-877-242-5878
Contact Form | Blog | GFC | Newspaper Sign Up (bottom left hand side)

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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I think these are so beautiful... and I love the way that they have so many different designs and love the 120 ways to say I love you in different languages.

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