Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lady Grace Book Review

I have the sequel to the book I read awhile back called The Angel and The Brown Eyed Boy written by Sandy Nathan. If you loved the first book, you will definitely love this one, I know I sure did.

Here is an excerpt from the book:
When the earth blows up at the end of The Angel & the Brown-eyed Boy (Tales from Earth's End 1) that was it, right? The characters go off in all directions, nevermore to be seen. Not exactly. In Lady Grace, a few survivors of the nuclear holocaust make their way back to Piermont Manor, Jeremy Edgarton's ancestral estate.  
The radiation is gone and it's finally safe to go home. What awaits them makes their worst dreams look like Bollywood frolics. Right away, they find out that evolution can work for evil as well as good. Going home requires a battle more deadly than any they've fought.  
The returning characters appear from everywhere, in ways you'd never believe. Some of them you've met before; some are new to Tales from Earth's End. Bud Creeman and Wesley Silverhorse, characters from author Sandy Nathan's novel, Numenon: A Tale of Mysticism & Money, drop in from the year 2015, thousands of years before the time of Lady Grace. Bud and Wes provide needed Native American skills and spiritual power.  
Shining through it all is Lady Grace, a phoenix rising from the devastation of her civilization, unrecognizable as the person she once was. It was a new world, 
but was it one that permitted love?
This was a nail biting kind of book because you never knew where the danger was gonna cone from and it skipped about 1,000 years into the future from when the boy and his friends went up into the spaceship and then time up there is different and they don't know how long they have been there but they know it's been awhile. The crazy thing is, that they did not grow older, only younger (for the old people, not the boy and girl).

Jeremy discovers what they really want them for and that is to populate their planet because for whatever reason they can't have children anymore so they took Ellie when she was younger and she had a mother ont his planet but she is just as creul as the other people. When Ellie gets pregnant, I mean she really gets pregnant! She can have like a 1,000 babies all at once and they won't let Ellie & Jeremy keep not a one. Jeremy gets really pissed off at them and they get back at him by throwing him back on earth, near his home.

But, no one is there. The nuclear bombs killed just about everybody. Well, not quite if you read the first book, the village people who surrounded Jeremy's family estate, are the ones who get to use the bomb shelter since the crazy man who blew up everyone a day earlier than he was suppose to, so none of the special people, smart people like doctors and scientists made it to the shelters.

But the villagers have done awful things to each other in captivity that long under ground. I won't say all the things that they did or I would ruin this book for you. You seriously need to go and read this book! What an imagination Ms. Nathan has to think up all of this stuff! I think I stayed up all night to finish it because I wanted to know what happens and so will you.

Happy Reading!
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Sandy Nathan said...

Mary––I'm glad you liked Lady Grace! It's so totally wild! I think the series gets better as it goes on. Nothing I planned, just how my brain worked. My favorite book in the series, Sam & Emily, is coming up for you. Whereas The Angel and Lady Grace are sort of straight sci-fi adventure, with lots of twists, Sam & Emily is about a life long love story that takes place entirely within the underground bomb shelter on the Piermont estate. It's romantic, beautiful, sad, and wonderful. I'm TOTALLY in love with Sam Baahuhd. Gotta use him again somehow. Since you read The Angel, you'll know who Sam & Emily are. I don't want to spoil it for anyone else. Thank you so much for featuring my books! There's nothing that feels so good as sharing my writing with people who like it! And wait until you see what's coming up! I'm working full time on Mogollon, which is the sequel to my big prize-winner, Numenon. About the richest man in the world and his staff at a huge Native American spiritual retreat led by a powerful shaman.
All the best, and thanks again, Sandy