Saturday, October 6, 2012

Chartiable Creations Sponsor Spotlight Review

What to say about Charitable Creations Jewelry? For one thing, beautiful and unique and utterly the most friendliest woman I have had the pleasure to talk to thru emails.

Every time I call on her to help me fill a void somewhere, there she is, just so nice and understanding and willing to help out. So you guys are very lucky that I happened to remember the last time I was on her site that I thought I had seen something that might be perfect for Halloween.

Now, I know alot of people don't get too excited about it but then I have met people who go all out! So for those of you who do, this is what I have in store for you from Charitable Creations for Halloween: The Skull & Bones Earrings!
I have tried my best to get you unique things that I hope you don't find ordinarily at home but for some, I guess, who live in bit cities, I guess they can find all kinds of things, but me, I like the simple things that people make because they put alot of effort and love into their creations and I love giving those to you my readers but also to my friends and family.

So, in getting these for you, I can tell you that I have used her creations to give as Christmas gifts to my family, so they are top quality and I would not have given them unless I thought they were. You will love them once you see them, even if you only wear them a week or two because of Halloween, you will have them around for a long time and hopefully alot of Halloween's to come. Here are a few more items I can show you that she has made that I love:

I love this Starfish bracelet! It is simple yet elegant, just like all of Charitable Creation's work of arts are. I don't know too many people who can shape and mold silver the way that she does and she finds such unique patterns so that she does not look like everyone else who makes silver jewelry.
These are called Best Friend's Necklaces. Aren't they beautiful? I just thought they were so simple and unqiue that it made them look that much more appealing and beautiful. Something that says, as friends, we are strong as steel and as might as a heart and together we can withstand it all. What a gorgeous way to tell a friend how much you really care.
And then lastly, there is this one: The Guardian Angel Necklace! Wow, what a beautiful way to use pink pearls to symbolize a woman and to also symbolize Breast Cancer Awarence Month. Did you know that October was Breast Cancer month?

  I think everyone who has a serious illness deserves to have a Guardian Angel, don't you? Gosh, I may just have to break down and get this one. This has been added since I was here last, so that should tell you that she is changing and creating more than ever and coming up with new and better jewelry for us to drool over!

Here is a little info on Shelly, please go read the rest at your leisure:
For Shelly, creating handmade items is an activity she remembers doing as a child. As a self-taught artisan, her custom jewelry designs are stunning and painstakingly detailed. 
Shelly enjoys using her hands to create quality jewelry pieces that will enhance and bring happiness to another person’s life. With dedication to design and quality manufacturing, Shelly’s jewelry line is unique and original.  
Best of all, she enjoys offering stylish and affordable jewelry to fit any occasion or budget. The inspiration for each of her designs comes from her own family. Shelly believes that all of those precious moments that make life worth living should be preserved.  
Her artistic nature is the most vibrant part of her personality. Shelly has found a very comfortable niche selling online and provides her customers with the absolute best handmade jewelry products. Not only are her jewelry designs beautiful, but each one tells a story of its own.

You can connect with Charitable Creation several ways:

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Like I said earlier, Chartible Creations will be giving the winner of my Halloween Bloog Hop Giveaway a pair of the Skull & Bones earrings to wear in time for Halloween. Good Luck and open to the U.S. only. Thank you!

Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monitary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from you.


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Jennifer Hiles said...

I love the Starfish bracelet and the The Guardian Angel Necklace! They are so pretty! She has beautiful jewelry.

cheryl c said...

Beautiful stuff! I especially like the guardian angel necklace.

Allison Downes said...

That Guardian Angle Necklace is gorgeous! looks like a great Shop! Thanks for sharing

desitheblonde said...

the jewwerly is grear and then i am given g gift wasy this year and have 3 girl to give them