Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Brain Eating Tees Zombie T-Shirt Review

Okay, I know that I ambushed him as soon as he got home, I told him to hold the t-shirt up so I could get a good picture of it and he said, "I still have my work clothes on"! Which we both knew even if he didn't, he still wouldn't have put it on. In case you haven't noticed, he really is camera shy and hates having his picture taken.

So, I settle for quickie shots when I can get them. Like this one, for instance. I have to take them when I can. We got this funny zombie shirt to review and I can't wait to see when he will wear it! He can be so funny sometimes about his clothes! I took a look at AM T-shirts other Halloween shirts and this one definitely is one of the milder ones! Some of them even scared me a little.

But, this one actually had a very funny affect on me, because I actually watched the show when it was running, so I am happy to see that somebody still remembers it and is poking fun at it. Can you guess what the show was?
Oh, those were the days! I can remember when I was a kid and going Trick or Treating really was going trick or treating! We did not have to worry about someone snatching us or putting stuff in our candy either. I feel so bad for kids these days that don't get to celebrate and get as excited as we used to about Halloween. Now, it is more an adult party time then it is about the kids. It's a shame how much the world has changed since I was a little girl.
Things that I thought were far off in the future are here now and I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing. Who would have ever thought in our grandparents time that there would be portable computers (laptops) or portable phones (cell phones). We sure have grown alot since then!
But, at least we can celebrate with our families and I think Halloween is a good example. Have the whole family get decked out (even if hubby only wears his spooky t-shirt) and then just do whatever. Some of you might actually still go out and knock on doors, or take the kid's to the local mall and let them gather their goodies there or if you have a church, then take them to the church's little Halloween cookout.
At ours they can either wear their costume or not and play games and get prizes and treats while the adults are grilling hot dogs and hamburgers and we even do toated marshmallows over a bonfire! So, some things may have been taken away, but we adapt and find a better way to celebrate. So, whatever you are doing this Halloween, let AM T-shirts help you get in the mood!

That is a close up of what Mike's shirt says in case you couldn't see from the top one what it said.  They really do have some very interesting shirts to choose from so if I were you, I would check them out. Never know when one might come in handy! Even if it's just to scare Mom or Dad, at least it would bring some of the fun back to them as well!
Lastly, I just had to show this one to you also, because it is another iconic past:
I love the advice that they give on their site on how to avoid becoming a Zombie! They have a whole list of them but here is just the first one. Go and read the rest of them. I think there are 5 things you need to do. It is truly hilarious! Okay, here is your first step to survival:

A Few Easy Steps To Help You Live Past Day One Of The Zombie Apocalypse:
1.) Do you know the slogan of the Boy Scouts? No, you pervert...the slogan is "Be Prepared," and that's what you're going to have to do to prepare for the inevitable day when the dead rise from their graves and start treating the rest of the population like a cheap Chinese buffet.

What are some ways in which you can prepare yourself for this terrible (and exciting) day of terror? For starters, you should buy a gun. In fact, you should buy as many guns as you can afford with all of the ammunition you can stack in the corners of every room of your house.

 Go ahead and buy lots of distilled water and canned pork-n-beans too, because you're going to need something to munch on while you keep the zombies from munching on you. If you have windows in your house, you should go ahead and board them up or (even better) put iron bars on the outside of them.

I know preparation can be a pain in the caboose, but zombies don't have an "off" switch...unless you count shooting them in the brains. That turns them off, for sure.
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Bookmom said...

I think this t-shirt is hilarious and so is Mike's expression as he holds it up! We play Zombie Dice at our house (it's a real game) and this would be the perfect thing to wear with it!