Friday, October 12, 2012

Boca Java Review

I have a great new coffee and tea company I would love to tell you about today called Boca Java! And yes, you read it right, they have coffee and tea. Actually they even have cocoa too! So, you can get a little bit of everything for everyone in the family all in one place!

Here is what I was sent to review:

1.) Palm Beach Passion Coffee

2.) Fancy Earl Grey Tea

This coffee is unbelievable! I got it for Mike mainly and I was gonna do the tea but when I went to open the box the day that it arrived, the coffee scent was out of this world! It smelled so freaking good, I just had to grind some up right there and then.  Mike had just gotten home from work and we both grabbed a cup and went and sat down to watch the news and relax a little before we thought about what to do for dinner.
Now, the real reason I picked this particular one out of all the possible choices was that it had a chocolate undertone. So, I thought, mmm, that might be pretty interesting. So, that was why this particular coffee got chosen. I had no idea how it would taste, just went on gut instinct and man, did it pay off! This coffee is awesome! It can be either a breakfast coffee to get you going or an after dinner coffee to have with dessert. It is a medium roast so it is not too powerful that you can't use it either way.
Oh, by the way, they have a Coffee Club you can join! I have left you the link at the bottom of this post so you can go check it out. It also includes the Tea so you can get auto shipping and it's free (shipping only).  They even offer free samples with each package. You get all the exclusive offers and sale items, too! Mix and match and taste them all! Gosh, that sure would be nice, huh?
Here are some more facts as to why it is so darn good:
*Slightly sweet, remarkably smooth.
*A light & dark combo of roasted South American Arabica beans blended together for rich, full- bodied flavor.
*The combo of light & dark roasts produces this aromatic coffee for a full body with soft chocolate undertones, offering a slightly sweet, smooth finish.
*It's one of their more popular gourmet coffees.
Now, if you are a tea drinker, then you are gonna want to try this one! I love Earl Grey tea and knew this would be a no brainer but I had no idea that they had added something else to the tea that would knock my socks right off my feet! They added essential oils of the Bergamot fruit and Blue Mallow Blossoms to this tea (you can see the blue blossoms thru the clear plastic) to make this one of the most electric tea I have tasted in a long time!
It almost fooled me into thinking I was drinking lavender in the tea and I am not sure what Blue Mallow Blossoms are but they must be a close relative of lavender because that is what I thought I smelled when I opened the pouch and when I tasted the tea. I guess the mixture of Bergamot and Blue Mallow Blossoms give this Earl Grey black tea a whole new meaning to the word: WOW!
Here is how you fix your cup of tea and what you can pair it with:
Steep Time: 4-5 Minutes
Water Type: Full Boil
Flavor: Creamy Bergamot Tones
Body: Medium
Food Pairings: Enjoy anytime, excels with starchy foods, breads, cookies and chocolates
I have to tell you that I have drank alot of tea in my life and especially these last 2 years but this one really had me enjoying a cup of tea to the fullest.  It comes in a bag of 18 tea bags that are made of some type of silk or satin. Gosh, I am gonna have to tell people to just order me a bag of this tea for Christmas and I will be set!
All in all Mike and I were very happy and excited with both our coffee and tea choices and I can't believe on the first try that I picked two winners! Usually one of them will be awful or we won't care for it too much but this time I hit the jackpot for both of us. So, Mike was really happy for once that he can have a great coffee to drink, especially now at this time of year.
He works outside and they are not allowed to sit in their trucks and run the heater when they don't have work to do nor can they go back to the office to wait for a trouble to come in. The company that he works for makes them sit in those cold trucks! So, Mike drinks alot of coffee during the winter to try and keep warm. That is when we go thru the most coffee. So, when I can get him a really good coffee to enjoy, it is a big deal here in our household, so Thank You so very much Boca Java!
We used to not think about the price of coffee or tea when I was working. But since I have become disabled, it has not been pretty. We usually have to settle for the cheapest coffee or teas, so these little luxuries are like a slice of heaven to us. And I feel so honored & humble when I find something Mike enjoys because he is out there in the cold while I get to stay home and be warm. 

Now, we didn't get to review this but I wanted to let you know that they have premium hot chocolate also besides the coffees and teas. Doesn't this one sound scrumptious? Peppermint Chocolate Truffle? Wow! That would make an awesome Christmas drink, don't you think?  This is the description that they have on their site:
A unique blend of bittersweet, milk and white chocolates infused with a subtle hint of peppermint makes for an elegant twist to a classic chocolate truffle.
You guys really should go look over their site! I sure do hope sometime in the future we can get another bag of coffee and that awesome tea. Might have to whisper in a few relatives ears and make sure they know the website address. What do ya think? Can I pull it off?  Well, it don't hurt to try, does it?

Here is a little bit about how Boca Java got started. I only grabbed a snippet so go read the rest:
Boca Java is a family-owned gourmet coffee company, located in Colorado and founded in February 2002, out of the pursuit of providing the absolute perfect cup of coffee, delivered fresh to your home. 
We started on a mission to seek out, select and import only the best specialty grade coffee beans grown around the world.
Only the top 2% of all coffee grown in world makes it into a fresh cup of Boca Java. Then, we handcraft every order and roast your coffee only after your order is placed with Boca Java.  We only use state-of-the-art "stay fresh" high quality packaging for all our products. 
Finally, we ship your gourmet order fresh to you, the very next day, guaranteed!
By the way, if you sign up for their Newsletter, you are entered into a giveaway for a chance of free coffee for a year! I signed up! Are you kidding me? It would save me a fortune and we would feel like we won the lottery!

Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.


Jan Lee said...

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Ally said...

I think that I would like their double dark chocolate mix, their chai latte mix, or the mandarin orange rooibos (:

Discovering the Me in Mommy said...

Definitely the double dark chocolate mix!

Gala said...

Caribbean Green Tea would be my first choice

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french vanilla cocoa

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latanya t said...

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Mary Bearden said...

Hi Guys! I fixed the mandatory comment. Don't know what happened. Looks like I had an extra period or something. Fingers must have slipped or something. But it is working now!


Jan Lee said...

Peppermint Chocolate Truffle Cocoa

Jan Lee said...

Thanks for fixing, not that I couldn't figure out how to see the site but it's not fair to hit enter when the main link doesn't work. email: and I still like Peppermint Chocolate Truffle Cocoa, lol

Jan Lee said...

On your facebook post...Janet Lee, thanks

Linda Henderson said...

I would love to try the Madagascar Vanilla Chai.

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double dark chocolate mix
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Jennifer Haile said...

I'd love to try the Pumpkin Paradise Coffee Decaf!

- Jen Haile

Mnemosyne said...

"Atomic Peanut Butter Bomb" sounds like a really interesting flavor - I'd love to try it!

Auri Lae on rafflecopter

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Would love to try the Double Dark Chocolate Cocoa.

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Ohh hard to pick just one! Bananas Foster Float Coffee sounds good.

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Caramel Kiss Island Coffee

Cheryl Raymond

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Merry said...

I'm a tea fan, so I'd love to try the Fancy Earl Grey. The Jasmine Phoenix Pearls also sounds good!

Andrea said...

I want to try the Hightide Hazelnut Coffee. There are a lot of yummy flavors!

M.j. said...

Caramel Kiss Island Coffee sounds good...ciao4nwo64 at yahoo dot com.

Lisa H said...

So many to pick from. I think I would try Peppermint Chocolate Truffle Cocoa Yummmmy!!

Linda said...

I'd like the espresso.

Linda Romo

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Light Up Las Olas Coffee!

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I'd like to try the Double Dark Chocolate Cocoa

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I like the Peppermint Chocolate Truffle Cocoa
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I want to try Pumpkin Paradise Coffee. Thanks for the chance to win!
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I'm interested in trying the Maple Bacon Morning Coffee
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maple bacon morning coffee sounds pretty good

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the chia latte sound amazing

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double dark chocolate cocoa for me and my daughter, and light up las olas roast and guatemalan adventure coffee for my hubby

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Michele P. said...

commented on FB as Michele Pineda

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french vanilla cocoa

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Double Dark Chocolate Cocoa sounds great!

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I'd like to try Fancy Earl Grey Tea!

Bookmom said...

I really want to try their Atomic Coffee in Peanut Butter! I know that sounds a little different but we make iced frappucinos in my house all the time and often flavor them. And my daughters love making peanut butter shakes, so I'm thinking about crossing them!

Zephyr Hill said...

Pumpkin paradise sounds amazing! Thanks for the giveaway. Anne Sweden

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I love all things pumpkin so Pumpkin Paradise and I also want to try Bananas Foster

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Light Up Las Olas Coffee
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Would love to try the Pumpkin Paradise

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