Saturday, October 6, 2012

American Fast Food Discount Card Giveaway **Closed**

How many of you take's your family to fast food Restaurants? We all do! Rite? We spend a ton of money doing it because it's convenient. But what if we could take that conveniences and save money  doing it?
There is a discount card that does just that!

Fast Food Discount Card
"The Americas Fast Food Discount Card"

Rjay's Freebies Fan Deal
From Now through November 6, 2012
The Americas Fast Food Discount Card Distributor is giving a discount of 50% off the normal price of the card. Expiration on card 12/31/2015.

$10.00 Retail
Now $5.00
Buy It Now

What this Card does is save you money from many of the Fast food Restaurants across the country.

The offers On the Card are:
  • Buy Any Large Pizza at Reg. Price & Get Any 2nd Pizza 50% off 
  • Buy 1 Burrito, Gordita or Taco at Reg. Price & Get 1 Free
  • Free 21oz drink with purchase of any sandwich 
  • Buy 3 piece dinner and drink at Regular Price get a 2nd dinner free 
  • Buy any sandwich at regular price get a 2nd sandwich free 
  • Buy any Roast beef Sandwich Get 1 free 
  • Buy 6 donuts at Reg. price and get 6 free
  • Buy any pizza at Reg. price get same for free 
  • 10% off   Total Purchase 
  • Free 6' Sub with purchase of any 6' or 12' sub 
  • Buy Any Large pizza at menu price and Get 1 Free 
  • Free Single burger when you purchase any combo meal 

Good Luck Everyone! I hope that these coupons will help you in the next couple of months while out shopping you can stop and take advantage of some reduced meals so that you can save some money towards your Christmas shopping or paying bills or whatever need that you may have. I will be cheering all of you on!
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Alicia said...

i like that i can use it at subway!

Mnemosyne said...

I love how many of the options are places we visit enough to make it worth it!

Auri Lae

Janet Vickers said...

It would be great for our Christmas roadtrip

Kathy Artis said...

will get to eat out some & not have to cook.
kathy artis

Longpig said...

I love how versatile this giveaway is - thank much! I would prob choose Subway - healthier option

carolwegs said...

I like the expiration date is so far away. thanks