Sunday, September 23, 2012

Twang Book Review

I have another book to tell you about called Twang and it was written by Julie L. Cannon. I decided to change the pace somewhat so that you don't get tired of the same kind of subject matter. This one is about a country singer!

Here is the excerpt from the back of book:
Twenty three year old Jennifer Clodfelter believes she is destined to be a country music star. When her passion, determination, and homemade demos were rejected by every music label in Nashville, she refused to give up. In just three years, a combination of guts and raw talent have propelled her on a journey of fame beyond her wildest dreams. Now Jennifer has all she ever wanted only to discover that there is a dark side to the glitz and number one hits. Now she will have to decide whether to sing her pain to a loving audience or find the courage and faith to face the music in the private studio of of her heart.
It is Aoril 2004 and Jennifer has left the Blue Ridge, Georgia home planning on becoming a great country music star in Nashville. It was her teacher, Mr. Anglin who had told her how good her music was because she had been writing songs since she was 6 years old. Her own parents were of no hlep to her and certainly did not give her any encouragement.

  On ther 15th birthday her father was drunk and made her strip down to her underwear and dance for his drunken buddies. Her mother never did a thing. Jennifer hated her father and resented her moother for not having enough of a back bone to stand up to him. So, on that day she fled to Nashville. It takes her awhile but she eventually becomes a big star and people love her songs. Her manager helps her buy a house in Brentwood, Tennessee named Harmony Hill.

Her favorite spot is down by the river bank. She meets a new hairdresser who is a devout Christian and tells Jennifer you must stop hating her father and forgive him. She wonders how she can ever do that. This is her journey to that discovery and the trials and tribulations that she will see before she can accept her father for who he is. It is a bittersweet story that will have you cheering her on at times and others you will feel sorry for her.

About Julie L. Cannon
Julie L. Cannon is a bestselling author, speaker and teacher. She believes that using your memories to write autobiographical fiction is both cathartic and powerful, and when Julie isn’t busy writing, she can be found leading memoir workshops, encouraging others to encourage others on this journey called Life. Julie has captured many awards in the ABA as well as the CBA. She loves growing flowers and listening to country music at her home off Hog Mountain Road in Watkinsville, Georgia.