Monday, September 24, 2012

The Unfinished Garden Book Review

I have a new book to tell you about called The Unfinished Garden by Barbara Claypole White. It is about a beautiful but strange garden designed by a man who is irrational and afraid. Here is an excerpt from the book:
James Nealy is haunted by irrational fears and inescapable compulsions. A successful software developer, he's thrown himself into a new goal—to finally conquer the noise in his mind. And he has a plan. He'll confront his darkest fears and build something beautiful: a garden. When he meets Tilly Silverberg, he knows she holds the key…even if she doesn't think so.  
After her husband's death, gardening became Tilly's livelihood and her salvation. Her thriving North Carolina business and her young son, Isaac, are the excuses she needs to hide from the world.  
So when oddly attractive, incredibly tenacious James demands that she take him on as a client, her answer is a flat no. When a family emergency lures Tilly back to England, she's secretly glad. With Isaac in tow, she retreats to her childhood village, which has always stayed obligingly the same.  
Until now. Her best friend is keeping secrets. Her mother is plotting. Her first love is unexpectedly, temptingly available. And then James appears on her doorstep. Away from home, James and Tilly forge an unlikely bond, tenuous at first but taking root every day. 
And as they work to build a garden together, something begins to blossom between them—despite all the reasons against it.
Poor Tilly! She had lost her husband when Issac was small and now her father, who lived in England, is dead. The last thing she needs is for some deluded rich man coming into her garden center that she owns and starts demanding that she be the one to do his garden, at any price, no less! She is upset and tells him she is not a decorator! She also did not want another man in her space or to waste her time.

James is not used to someone turning him down. He has OCD which is Obsessive Complusive Disorder. All of his life he has feared that something would happen and he would work himself into such an uncontrollable anger and pain, which made him feel like he didn't want to live in his own body. The problem is that the moment that James saw Tilly and Issac, he fell in love with them both and needed to be around them.

Unfortunately, Tilly's mom had a bad fall and wasn't seriously hurt but Tilly used that as an excuse to escape to London with Issac. When she got there, she learned that her 40 year long friend, Rowena, was there as well. Sebastian, her ex-boyfriend was also there. She was tempted to explore her old feelings about Sebastian but upon further spectulation, she realized those old feelings were gone, which was a good thing, because he was in love with her friend, Rowena!

James learns where Tilly and Issac have gone and even though he is scared to death of flying, he knew he had to get to them if he was ever going to be okay.

Okay, I will leave the rest of the story for you to read and of course, I left out alot of details that make the story juicy, and although the book misleads you into thinking there is something dark about James and the garden, it is really not that at all. It is about people being afraid to love because they don't want to get hurt again and it's about facing the truth.

It's a good story and the people in the story are complicated but then, aren't we all? We are all in this just trying to be loved and accepted and sometimes, we find what we needed all along in the strangest places, we just have to recognize it when it's there.

And that is really the premise of this book, finding oneself, facing the fears and finally taking hold of your life! You can check out the author's website for more information like where to order the book and also to browse thru it some more if you need to.

Check out Barbara Claypole White's website for all of that information.

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trish said...

Thanks for being on the tour, Mary! It seems like you really got the book.

Barbara Claypole White said...

Thanks for reading and reviewing, Mary. Yup, it's about facing your fears. :)

barkergirl33 said...

Another great book review, I can relate to facing bad fears in life, I would enjoy this, thank you! (Raine on the rafflecopters)

Melissa S said...

This sounds like a good read, thenk you for the review.