Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Peacoat Book Review

Okay, guys, here is the sequel to a book review I did awhile back called the Fifth Woman. This book picks up where that one left off and we did get some answers in this sequel, but then at the very end, the author, G. William Parker throws another cliff hanger, so that means that there will be a book number 3! I gave you the link to the first book if you need to refresh your memory.

Here is an excerpt from The Peacoat:
A package appears on Rick Morgan's desk...the content a mystery. What, if any, is the connection to the twenty million dollar death claim investigation Rick put to bed eight months ago? Has another player come to light missed in the first investigation, or is someone playing a game? But if only a game, why do the FBI and the Russians want to play? The question remains---who sent it and why?

With the help of Vince, a retired Seattle homicide detective, Rick is determined to find the answer and in doing so a bizarre puzzle begins to emerge. But, discovery usually brings more questions than clues, especially when the pieces are scattered from Seattle to Vegas to L.A. showing five murders with common links spanning a nine year period. Rick knows there is more to the puzzle than the murders and so begins his journey to find, and fit, all the pieces. And in the process he finds something very unexpected!
Poor Rick, he has been going at this investigation all wrong and doesn't realize it until it is almost too late. He has workers whom he loves and would protect fiercely, who in the end betray him, except for the one who was in the dark all the time as to why he was working in Rick's firm to begin with.

There are Russian spies on the loose everywhere, young and old, wanting revenge for one of their own that was murdered years ago, only they did not know it at the time. They thought he had disappeared and when they find out that he was in fact murdered, they want revenge really bad.

Hey, don't feel too bad, because in the first book and halfway thru this one, I didn't see it coming either, and I usually can figure out all the players and who done it way before the book ends, but this time the story fooled me until it let me in on the secret! And then the ending is really a shocker for Rick, who finally decided he would chose one woman, but is that an illusion?

Rick has been somewhat of a playboy, having women in several cities and even his next door neighbor. I wonder where he gets all that energy? I loved both books even though I cringed every time he slept with yet another woman while claiming he had "real" feelings for the one in San Francisco. I can assure you, I would not consider that love and if I was the woman in San Fran, I would leave him in a heartbeat! His extra moves in the bedroom do add to the excitement of the book, I just wish he did not do it so often, really, his neighbor, because she is a widow and lonely????

If you want my opinion, in the third book, from reading what goes on in these last 2 books, he needs to get with his secretary, Emily, because the author has sorta given me the impression that she is in love with him, he just doesn't see it, yet. All of the other women I think are distractions from what is really going on and that is, whether Rick knows it or not, he doesn't choose any of them in the end because he knows Emily is the one.

Now, mind you, the book really never says this, but I get the feeling by reading between the lines, that Emily could be the "real" one for him instead of all of these other women who keep lying to him about things, keep things from him and one is even a spy in his own company!

Okay, guys, that is all I am gonna say, because I want you to enjoy the 2 books because the author, G. William Parker, has agreed to give both copies to the winner of my Fall Into Fall Blog Hop Giveaway Event that starts on September 17th and ends on the 23rd! You are gonna love these 2 books! It will certainly keep you on your toes wondering where or how is Rick gonna land into trouble again! Happy Reading!

You can connect with G. William Parker thru his blog  or you can email him at! He also has Twitter and Facebook.

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barkergirl33 said...

I'm a book addict and always looking for new authors. I enjoy suspence with some romance thrown in. i think I'll really like these books, Seattle is one of my favorite cities, so I always have fun reading a book that takes place there because I can relate alot and it makes it fun! I enjoyed your review-you left me wanting to know more! :) (Raine on rafflecopters)

bd5f3b34-fb8a-11e1-b3ca-000bcdcb8a73 said...

Thank you for the book review, I like thrillers and I would be willing to give this one a try.

-Miranda M