Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tea Gallerie Sponsor Spotlight Review

I know that you guys have seen me talk about this great tea company before but they have some new flavors that they wanted to share with me and my readers so I got (4) new flavors to try:

1. Floral Bouquet
2. Raspberry Lavender
3. White Cabernet
4. Chrysanthemum

I will start with the one I liked the best and that was Raspberry Lavender. I love Lavender so it was logical to start with this one. This is a herbal tisane tea that will be a slight reddish pink when the infusion is done unless you let it sit longer then it might be more reddish. I loved the taste of Hibiscus and the tartness of raspberry mixed in! You will love this tea as much as I do if Lavender tea calms you down and makes the day more bearable or night if you are a night person, like me. And you will be happy to know that it is caffeine free, so sipping some late at night won't keep you awake.

I then tasted the Chrysanthemum which is actually an Oolong Tea. They blend and mix together Taiwanese oolong and chrysanthemum blossoms. This makes the brew and amber-colored infusion with a sweet and lingering finish. It says on their site that it is perfect for digestion! I sure could use some of that lately! My stomach issues have reared their ugly heads so I will try anything to get it to stop. It will almost remind you of Chamomile in a way. That is the first thing I thought of when I tasted this one.
My next choice was the White Cabernet. They did this one because you know, they have alot of wine country over there so I guess someone decided to see if it would make a good tea flavor. It is blended white a white tea varietal with rose petals, jasmine flowers and a hint of Cabernet to create a sweet luscious flavor. I think this one would go good with a dessert or in place of one if you are dieting to satisfy a little hunger craving. This one had to grow on me some. I am not a wine drinker because of all the meds I take but even when I did have a glass every now and then, it was a zinfandel or a reisling. I never could get into the merlots and any of the darker wines. If you are a cabernet wine fan, then you will love this one!

Lastly, there was the Floral Bouquet. This one is a blend of South African Roobios, citrus and blended with exotic flowers. This tea for me was way too strong. I will probably experiment with it more later on and keep lowering the amount I use. It has a very bold taste like a chai and very citrusy. With my bladder condition, I did not want to drink too much of it because that is the last thing I need right now. It sorta reminded me of a cross between apple cinnamon and wassal that you make at Christmas. It is definitely a bold taste but alot of people like that so, if you are one of them, this tea is for you! In addition to the teas, they have cups, steepers, tea kettles and the Libre Tea Glasses along with pitchers and tea sets.

 I even saw that they have two kinds of candles and tote bags. So, check them out and see what you think. I can tell you that I have the Tea & Coffee Maker and it is awesome! Please remember that these are loose leaf teas and you will need to let them set between 5-7 minutes to get the full body of the tea experience. I vary it according to my moods, so we are all different, so if you have a time frame that works best for you, then stick with it. And remember your tea experience can be totally different from me, your mom, your husband, etc. Mike won't even touch hot tea with a ten foot pole. He is a coffee drinker and will only drink tea if it is iced sweet tea.

Here are some quick fun facts I found out about Tea Gallerie's teas:

What makes tea healthy?
Antioxidants, also known as polyphenois, flavonoids, and catechins. These prevent free radicals from harming your healthy cells.  
Does tea contain vitamins?

Yes, tea contains many beneficial vitamins. The six main vitamins are the following, vitamin B (mostlyB2), vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, and vitamin K.

Connect with Tea Gallerie several ways:

Mailing Address:
7297 Ronson Road, Suite B
San Diego, CA 92111
Toll Free: 800.409.3109
Email for sales & marketing:

Tea Gallerie has been kind enough to offer the 4 same tins of Tea that I just reviewed to the winner of my When Season's Change Blog Hop Giveaway Event that starts on September 21st and ends on October 4th. Valued at $50.00.

Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. Images were provided by me and the cranky camera!


Dani Sue said...

I just love loose leaf tea! The flavors sound very interesting...especially the White Cabernet. The tins are perfect to reuse when you're done too!