Sunday, September 30, 2012 Sponsor Spotlight Review

I love this Tshirt from that I got for my grandson! It actually glows in the dark! I thought this would be a good Halloween shirt to wear because of that fact and hoping that people will be able to see him. The only snag that came was he did not get to come over and visit me so I could give it to him! The live in another state over and they were suppose to come for a Braves ball game but his mother got sick and they had to cancel.

I didn't have time to get it sent over there and get some pictures made before the Harvest Halloween Blog Hop Tour Giveaway starts tomorrow, so I apologize for that. I will come back and update the post later with him wearing it but for now I needed to get the post up so that it doesn't suffer from not getting done. Here is a better picture of the shirt:
The Spiderman shirt is made with 100% cotton and really does glow in the dark! They also have alot of other different kinds of Spiderman Tees so if this one doesn't grab your attention, then you still have lots more to choose from. There are also alot of other Super Hero shirts too so you have a vast array of anything if you are planning a birthday gift, Christmas gift or want one just for the heck of it.

I think and I hope I am not wrong, but I am pretty sure my grandson will wear this after Halloween so I got the next size up so that he can wear it for awhile after. They even have some Holiday Shirts also!
You will also find a pretty good selection of Halloween type shirts there also like the one I copied so you could get some ideas on what they have to offer. You can also get this one below too on the Halloween section:
They have tons of other shirts also. I don't want you thinking it is just a Halloween type store. They have everything from funny to animal shirts, which I found quite a few that were really super cute! I don't know who comes up with these idea's or who executes the design process but the animal shirts are by far some of the prettiest ones I have seen.

I have to admit I don't get what is so funny on some of the shirts but then again, it never has been my thing so maybe that is why I like the animal shirts the best. You gotta admit that this wolf shirt is really awesome!
You can also create a t-shirt as individual as you are with their custom t-shirts option. You can choose a t-shirt's style and color, then add clipart or your own logo or design, and add your own text. Whether you want to create a single, unique t-shirt for yourself or want to print a whole bunch for your company or a special event such as a family reunion, our custom t-shirts are easy to design and cost less per shirt the more you order!

Now, that is what I would call one of a kind! I love that they have a Meet the Artist page also so you can see and read some of their idea's at work. Some of them are pretty darn interesting, so go browse by and see what all they have to say and what their technique is all about. Who knows, you might want to catch one someday and do an amaging job!
This one is one of the tie dyed shirts and do you know how long it's been since I have witnessed a tie dyed shirt? Wow, I am really dating myself, now, aren't I? But seriously, what I love about this site is that they appeal to a wide range of customers, not just ones looking for a dumb shirt with a joke or something obscene about it.

My idea of funny is not poking humiliating insults at any person or group or religion so I really do appreciate having a choice to get a nicely done shirt with some nice pictures on it, so, Thank You for doing that! I really do appreciate it.
I know I will really show my age on this one, but couldn't help it. The Who band was really popular when I was young and I do so appreciate the fact that has gone back and gotten some of the past and present band t-shirts for all of us to wear. It is just another example that you can have clean shirts and still sell alot of them.

Besides the band and tie dyed shirts they also make Vintage and Funny Shirts. I can safely say, that I think you will find one that suits you or any member of your family without feeling like you had to take one kind over another because there were no choices. will not give you that satisfaction! You do have choices and if I can only point out one BIG advantage they have, then it would be the CHOICES that they offer. I would not be embarrassed to give one of their shirts for that very process.

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Phone: 507-386-8385
Fax: 507-386-0517 has agreed to offer the winner of my Harvest Halloween Blog Tour Giveaway a $30 Gift Certificate so that you may get whatever shirt you would like. The event starts tomorrow, October 1st and ends on the 15th. Open to the U.S. only. Good Luck!

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Georgette C said...

Practical and fun- that's what I think of after reading the review and seeing the shirts they have to offer for sale. Looks like a great gift idea with the holidays coming up. Haven't heard of them, so thank you for reviewing them and having them participate in the hop.

Merry said...

What a great selection! I'm definitely bookmarking this for holiday shopping, it looks like I could find a shirt for everyone.

Monnie710 said...

My mother raised us on tie-dye so I am excited to find a source of them. I am also liking the zombie shirts...but maybe because Halloween is on the horizon!

desitheblonde said...

well thsi would be great gift for one of the girls and then i love to blog on it and then take pic of the shrits and post on them