Saturday, September 15, 2012

Packaway's Dorm Boxes Review

I got these great storage boxes/dorm boxes from a great company called Packaways. Of course, I don't have a child in college, but I have stuff left here from my daughter and granddaughter and it looks like they are never coming to get them, so I needed to pack them up and store them in the basement for them and to get the clutter out of the spare bedroom.

These boxes worked like a charm and were not hard at all to put together and then close up once the box is full. It all comes in one piece so there is nothing added and no extra parts that might get lost or misplaced. I showed you how it looks open and then this one shows what they look like closed. I really liked the label already being on the box so that was one less thing to worry about! These moving boxes are made to erect and collapse instantaneously without tape. They are great for moving kids to and from school. The boxes are made from durable polypropylene which means that these boxes should last the whole 4 years of moving your children to college and back.

Packaway's Dorm Boxes are available in 4 colors and different sizes. The sizes include moving boxes and a large underbed storage size 36L x 24W x 6"H. I got two different sizes to review and one is the hot pink, which was the larger box and then this royal blue box was smaller:

I was able to use the hot pink box for my granddaughter's things because she actually left more here and then the blue one for my daughter's things. I really have a suspicion that these things will never be picked up again, so I will hold onto them for a few years and then they are gone! Would you keep old childhood toys and misc things that are missing arms or are damaged? I am sure that is why they got left but when I ask what to do with them, they keep telling me they will be back to get them, but that has been over 3 years now. Kids, what are you gonna do with them? So, I am gonna wait another 2 just to be on the safe side, and then something will have to be done.

I can truthfully say that these boxes held up rather nicely for what I needed them for. Easy to put together and I did collapse them before loading them up so that I could tell you that also. Very easy to undo and slip in a closet or under a bed until you need them again. So, I would imagine that your child should have no trouble storing them in the dorm because they will collapse.

I love this idea especially! I have cardboard boxes in the basement that every time it has been used to store something different, the old name has been scratched out and the new one put underneath, very messy! But these just wipe off and can be used again! Here are some of the advantages of using Packaway's boxes:

**Corrugated Plastic, Protects from Water & Humidity
**Instant Set-Up, No Tape Required
**Reuse Hundreds of Times
**Collapses Flat When Not in Use
**Unique Wipe Away End Panel

See how easy it all is? Really, you won't have a problem getting these put together! How simple! No Fuss! Done in a few seconds and you can move on to more important things, like me, taking a nap! It did make me exhausted going up and down the basement steps and with my RA, I felt like I needed a nap when I was done and that is exactly what I did!

Oh, one last thing, I found out about this company that makes me proud and I hope that you will be too:

PackAways™ were invented and are manufactured in the U.S.A. by Technology Container Corp. (TCC), a Massachusetts-based company with plants in Worcester, MA and Desoto, TX. All of our products are made exclusively in the U.S.A., employing American workers and suppliers. We are the largest plastic box manufacturer in the world with more plastic box capacity than the rest of North America combined.

Connect with Packaways several ways:

Mailing Address:
Technology Container Corp.
207 Greenwood Street
Worcester, MA. 01607
Phone: 508-752-8000 or Toll Free: 800-962-9218
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