Thursday, September 27, 2012

One Last Lie Book Review

Another nail biter and excellent drama to read about and hold your breath on!

Here is an Excerpt from the book:

Philip and Jonathan have had the perfect life together for ten years - fulfilling every dream except that of having a child.

Along comes Angela, Philip's college friend who apparently conquered her old demons of obesity and manic-depression. After reacquainting and becoming good friends, the three decide to have a child together through artificial insemination of Jonathan's sperm.

 From that point, Philip and Jonathan's idyllic life begins to unravel. Angela's mask of deceit gradually slips as her pregnancy awakens psychological and physical problems, leaving Philip and Jonathan regretting ever allowing her into their lives.

Told from an elderly Jonathan's hospital bed, Angela's tangled web unwinds into heartbreak, deception, legal battles, and finally murder - with a surprise ending no one could have ever imagined.
Philip and Jonathan are a gay couple who despertately want to raise a child or even children. But they figured it was a lost cause, especially when Philip got prostrate cancer and could not produce any sperm.

A friend of theirs from college, who had always wanted Philip,  and who is certifiable crazy convinces them that she has changed and wants to help them.  She said if they would give her $2,500 a month, she would carry the baby, which they thought at the time was Jonathan's since they thought it was his sperm that was being used.

Angela had a friend named June who as along as Angels supplied her with drugs, she would go along with just about anything. She was also seeing a man named Tommy who was violent.  Angela only wanted Tommy when she was mad at something or someone.

What no one knows except for Angela and June, when the three of them were in college and Angela worked at a sperm bank, she had gotten some of Philip's sperm and had left it there for in the future. So, with the agreement between them that they would pay her $2,500 a month, the plan was set into motion.

Only it did not quite work out very well. She demanded $5,000 a month if they ever wanted to see the boy that she gave birth do.  Philip tells Jonathan, let me go talk to her and see if I can talk ther down.  What Philip does not know at the time, is that Angela has Tommy hidden in a closet during their fight.  He finally gets mad enough and comes out and kills Philip.  Angela is livid and from there on the story just gets crazier and crazier until the end when June shows up 35 years later in Johnathan's private nursing home.

The news she has to tell him will bring him great joy and great sorrow.

You really do need to read this book because it is complicated, twisted and has so many things going on at the same time. It truly is a suspense type book and I hope someday that you read it in it's full book.  What a story! It is full of suprises and you will have alot of reading to do!

Happy Reading!

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