Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mother of Pearl Book Review

I have another book to tell you about called Mother of Pearl written by Kellie Coates Gilbert. It is a great little book that you will enjoy immensely about a mother and how far she will go to protect her child.

Here is an excerpt from that book:
A high school counselor seeks justice after learning her own teenage daughter had an inappropriate relationship with the football coach. Barrie Graeber has two great kids, a loving husband, and a respected job as the high school counselor in her close-knit community.  
Then, without warning, everything unravels when her teenage daughter, Pearl, is betrayed by friends and lashes out. Barrie’s attempts to steer her daughter back on course fail.  
Nothing prepares this mother for the helplessness that follows when Pearl shuts her out . . . or when the unthinkable comes to light about her nemesis, the football coach.  
MOTHER OF PEARL is a story that puts absolute truths and convictions to the test. It’s the emotionally riveting tale of a woman who finds she must recognize her own vulnerability and learn to trust in something much bigger.
Barrie is the school counselor and her daughter, Pearl, dates the quarterback of the football team until all of a sudden they break up and Pearl is devastated. She starts going to parties and drinking. No one can figure out why? What happened? One night Pearl takes the jeep out and she has been drinking. She ends up wrecking the jeep and in the autopsy it shows that Pearl was pregnant.

Barrie knew that her daugther had not had sex with her former boyfriend.  This story is Barrie's search to try and figure out what happened to her daughter and who was the baby's father. What they learn will break their hearts and they will feel a deep betrayal.
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