Tuesday, September 4, 2012

InviCible Advanced Scar Cream Review & Giveaway **Closed**

Do you have some scars or brown spots that you would like to get rid of? Then you gotta try this new cream called InviCible Advanced Scar Cream! I have been using it for a little while on a few little brown spots on my hands and I was so excited to show you guys how it worked but I guess because I am so light skinned and we must have the worst lighting here in our house because all the pictures turn out the same. Which means my hands don't even show the spots I haven't treated so you really would not see any at all.

I know I could have just showed my hands with no spots and said it worked, but you know me, honest to a fault. I was not gonna go down that road. Rather be honest and say what really happened. Because of that, I did capture some photo's on the company's site to show you how great it works on scars:

The one on the left is before the surgery and the one on the right is after.  I wish I had this cream when I had both knee's replaced a few years back. They don't look bad but I bet I could have had them looking even better. I did use Vitamin E oil and rubbed it on the scar and it did help. But I like the looks of this repair alot more.

I can tell you that the few spots that I experimented on do look lighter and not as noticeable. Well, I know they are there but others don't, and that is what I wanted so I am happy. I think just for the heck of it, I am gonna start working on the knees and see if they can help, although too much time has passed and it might now, but hey, it's worth a shot!

Do you have scarring from surgery, acne, a burn, or skin injury? Do you suffer from uneven skin tone? InviCible is an effective, safe treatment for scars and hyperpigmentation. 94% satisfaction rate!

I was amazed at the list of what can be healed with this cream such as tummy tuck scars, C-sections, breast surgery, chemical peels, skin resurfacing, acne scars, burns, dark scars, etc. There is a such a nice range of what this cream can do and I will report back in a few weeks about the knees and the hands. Maybe by then I will have some better pictures too so that I don't have to use theirs.

I wanted to know a little bit more about the company and what led to this discovery and here is what I found under the About Us section:

The inventor, Dr. Minas Chrysopoulo (he goes by “Dr. C”) is an extraordinary person. He is a very accomplished plastic surgeon, who defers to his patients. “Most of my patients are women scarred by breast cancer, seeking a way to restore something that nature provided but cancer has taken away. I support each with information, answers and options. Ultimately, though, armed with this new information, they must decide on their own what’s best for them.”

InviCible is effective, hypoallergenic and does not contain any unsafe or controversial ingredients. It is also NOT tested on animals.

Due to its superior safety profile, InviCible has won the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval and was also voted a Champion in The Compact for Safe Cosmetics by Skin Deep.

I was reading some more material as I am writing this and came across a person who asked about old scars and it is working on even older scars, so I may have a chance yet to tone down those long scars on my knees. If you wish to see what all kinds of scars and spots that they can help with, go HERE and check it out!

The cream itself is really silky smooth and glides on without much massaging. I hate those creams that are like sticks of deodorant and then they just wad up and roll right off of your skin. Well, you won't have that problem with this cream. It absorbs pretty quick and does not have any unpleasant scents so no one will know what you are doing. You can wear this alone or underneath makeup. Just please remember to put on Sunblock or Sunscreen as the cream might make you less tolerant of the sun.

Lastly, these are the 3 ingredients to watch out for in your bodycare: 
  • Bleaching Agents
  • Preservatives & Fragrances
  • Vitamin E
I was really shocked to find Vitamin E up there. I know it wasn't that long ago they were telling us to take them for energy?  I know we are all not created the same, but I have to be honest and say I never ran into any problems with it. Of course I only used it for about 2 or 3 weeks and haven't touched it since.  The studies say that Vitamin E does NOT improve the appearance of surgical scars and may actually worsen their appearance. 33% of users develop an allergy to topical vitamin E. Now, isn't that something? They also stated that it is fantastic for skincare of the face because it works wonders on sun damage, but not so great on scars. Just goes to show, everything just about has two sides of the coin, doesn't it?

Connect with InviCible several ways:

By Phone: 866-876-8668
By email:
Order questions: order-fulfillment@inviciblescars.com
Product info:     info@inviciblescars.com

The great folks at InviCible would love to give one winner her own bottle of Advanced Scar Cream! Thanks so much! Open to the U.S. only.


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My husband could really use this because of the scars from knee surgeries
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I really need the cream I have dermatillomania a skin/scab picking disorder. My legs and arms are severely scared from picking over and over.again :(

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I could really use this cream. I scar easily.

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My dad and my husband could BOTH realy use this stuff

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