Sunday, September 23, 2012

HBL Haircare Products Review & Giveaway **Closed**

I know you guys have seen me talk alot about HBL and their hair care products, but honestly, they do have some awesome products that really do work! They are pretty much the top of the line and I love that they actually do what they say they are going to do.

I was sent 3 new products that I had not tried before and they are:

1. Texture Styling Cream
2. Spray Mousse
3. Thermal Styling Spray

We'll go ahead and talk about the Texture Styling Cream first since I have the picture up at the top of the post.
The Styling Cream actually is a very nice light to almost non existant scent so it won't conflict with any perfumes or other scented products you wear. This product gives you the ability to texturize and work your hair for soft, shiny and flexible looking hair. It has lanolin that works as an emollient, which softens the hair while special resin blends including beeswax thickens, emulsifies and stiffens hair for a great hold. It only requires a small amount so start small until you see how it works then work your way up if you need more.
Now the Spray Mousse was what I really wanted to see how it would work. I use to use alot of mousse back when I was younger but as I got older and lost alot of my curls, I did not need it as much and I started using less and less.

I was actually more concerned with frizz control than anything. But now, I need that control back again because my hair is not cooperating with me! So, I decided to try HBL's Spray Mousse. First off, this is not like the old mousses that were white and foamy. This mousse is a spray that looks like hair spray actually. It is a liquid that you spray onto the hair and then style. When I use to have lots of curls I would take my hands and crunch my hair as it was drying to make it even more curly.

You still can do that with this spray mousse if that is the look that you want. Only difference is there is no white foam! Oh, and these products are color safe so if you color your hair like I do, don't worry, it won't hurt the color! The great thing about this mousse is that it creates lift, flexible volume, texture and soft shine in an easy-to-use spray application.

The Panthenol plumps and moisturizes your hair shaft to make it appear thicker while Glycerin works as a humectant to keep your hair moist while special resins create a soft luster. They had another video for this one, too but I don't want to keep throwing too many images at you so if you need to see the video just click on this product on their site and the video is on the same page as the product description.
Now, here is the product that every woman back in my day would have killed for, the Thermal Styling Spray! Why? Because we could have saved our hair from all that overdrying and heating of our hair while trying to fix it to look good for the boys!

This awesome spray protects, seals and shines hair during all thermal applications including blow-drying, flat and curl ironing or for use with hot rollers. See what I mean? We would not have such harsh hair now if we had this technology back then! You younger girls are so lucky we have gone beyond what we had to endure.

 HBL's exclusive no-sugar formula simply will not stick to thermal tools. The Thermal Spray provides you with unlimited volume, movement and styling options and is excellent for use as a finishing and setting spray. All you do is simply apply to dry or damp hair and style as desired. Just like that! No need to worry if your hair will catch on fire or that you will have to clean your appliances every time you are finished.

Right now HBL is running a special: Purchase HBL Thermal Spray and Spray Mousse and receive a FREE Texture & Styling Cream, a $29.95 value! That means for $67.90 you get all three which saves you the cost of the Styling Cream which is $29.95. So, that is a great deal! They are also running a special on their Shampoo and Conditioner which is Purchase any liter size HBL shampoo or conditioner and save over 33 percent!

I love the story about how the founder of the company got started and the story is too long for me to print it all so go read it all when you can. But here is an excerpt as to why he did the things he did:
Because his personal experience with cancer was close to his heart, Patrick was steadfast in his desire to create a product that treats and addresses one of the most unfortunate side effects of chemotherapy: hair loss.  
With the mission of creating a solution for hair loss due to chemotherapy, alopecia, and slow growing or thinning hair, Patrick dedicated his research to finding an alternative to prescription drugs with potentially negative side effects. This became an added factor to his “wish list” for healthy hair care.  
He began formulating what would later become known as Rejuvenator, a product formulated to, in most cases, help create healthier, stronger, fuller and more vibrant hair while increasing the speed of hair growth.  
In addition to eliminating the bulk of toxic and harmful ingredients commonly found in mass marketed hair care products, his new formulas were created with the highest quality surfactants (cleansing agents), virtually allergen-free fragrance and a stable pH – a highly important line of defense in keeping your body healthy.  
After years of formulating, testing and re-formulating, he proudly introduced HBL, Health, Beauty and Life. HBL succeeds as a superior hair care line, providing the highest quality, without sacrificing performance.
The awesome folks at HBL is offering one winner all three products that I just reviewed! All (3) products normally cost $97! Open to the U.S. only. Good Luck!


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I'd love to try the styling cream! - Jenna O

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I would like to try the leave in conditioner.
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The straighten and style serum

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I LOVE their Volumizing System! I am currently using it and loving it.

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