Thursday, September 6, 2012

Feel the OO Giveaway **Closed**

Welcome to the Feel the OO Giveaway

Hi Everyone! I teamed up with these other wonderful bloggers to bring you this great opportunity to try something new. I don't know about you guys but ever since I had both knee's replaced, I have had to give up the high heels for flatter shoes and more comfortable shoes. So, I really love this idea. I haven't tried them myself but who knows, maybe sometime down the road I will get the chance. Good Luck Everyone!

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About OOfos:

We can get into the technical aspects of OOfos but let’s be honest here, what matters is this: OOfos uses a type of foam that absorbs 37% more impact energy than most other shoes. OOfos is very light. OOfos uses a patented foot bed design that helps your feet feel comfortable.

Shoes that absorb impact, are light and are comfortable are by far the best types of shoes because they prevent your feet from making you feel uncomfortable.

You have all heard somebody say  “My dogs are tired”. You can usually see that the person who said that looks tired and uncomfortable. The reason for this is your comfort during the day depends a great deal on having comfortable shoes. OOfos describes the comfortable feeling you get from wearing their shoes as “the OO”

The one thing that I don’t like about open shoes is that your feet get dirty from dust and grime and this dirt is then walked into the shoe and makes the shoe look dirty and grimy. I’m not a clean freak but, OOfos has another OO for me. The OO, it is machine washable OO feeling.

OOfos is constructed as one piece so there is no stitching or glue used to make the shoe, so you can toss them in the wash without wondering if they will fall apart.

I highly recommend open shoes like the OOfos thong or slide for young kids, especially teenage boys. I spent a good deal of my childhood in a boarding school and smelly feet is something I’m unfortunately very familiar with. Nothing helps more than getting those smelly feet in some clean air and a bit of sunlight and the OOfos shoes are perfect for that.

Spending my entire day in hard leather school uniform shoes I quickly learned that feet can not be kept in shoes all day every day or they start to attract bacteria that causes the bad foot smell. There are two very effective treatments for bacteria, O2 or oxygen from the air around us and ultraviolet light from sunlight so I would spend as much time as possible barefoot or wearing open shoes.

Adults can gain the same benefits for OOfos. Let’s not pretend adults feet don’t like to be comfortable and get some fresh air. OOfos do come in male and female sizes so Mom and Dad can both feel the OO and strut around in their lightweight and ultra comfortable OOfos too.

About the Foot Bed Design

If you look at to OOFos foot bed you will notice that the shoe starts off higher in the back and slopes down to the ball of the foot. The inner foot area is also raised. When you slip your foot in to the shoe the shoe fits the natural shape of your foot perfectly while some other shoes of the same design are flat and unnatural.  This is one of the reasons why this shoe is so comfortable.
About the giveaway:
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 About the prize:

One winner will receive a pair of OOFos shoes of their choice. Kids and adult shoes are available in both male and female sizes.

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