Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Caroline's Doggie Sudz Review

I have a great new shampoo for dogs called Caroline's Doggie Sudz made with
Lavender & Neem from a company called Austin Rose. I did not know it at the time, but when the bottle came and I was getting Charlie, our Yorkie, ready for his bath, I happened to look into the bottle and realized it had a doggie charm inside! So, yes, now jewelry is popping up inside of Doggie Sudz Shampoo for Dogs! I laughed so hard it wasn't funny!!

This is Charlie when he finds out he has to take a bath! You would think he is dying or something. When Mike yells, time to go Buds, he takes a leaping jump in the air and lands smack on my belly whether I am sitting up or lying down! He does it every single time, hoping I will rescue him. When is he gonna learn that I can't? He has to have the baths because Mike lets him out into the yard a few times a week to blow off steam, (thank goodness we have a fenced in yard), but he still finds the rotting mushrooms in our yard and will lay on top of them and roll around!!!

It is a disgusting smell, like something is dead, and he knows better than to think I am gonna save him from a bath, but we go thru this ritual every single time! Anyway, do you notice the pinkish color on the upper belly and coming down that one leg that is in front?  That is where he scratched and bit himself ! So, we had some shots the next day pronto!

Anyway, back to the Lavender & Neem Shampoo, gosh it sure does smell heavenly! I am a freak about Lavender so it was a no brainer that I would select that to review.

Here are the benefits of using the Lavender & Neem:

•Shampoos your pet's coat and conditions to a soft, shiny luster.
•Tearless and mild enough for everyday use.
•Soothes and helps relieve your pet's sensitive skin conditions including flea bites, dandruff, and itchy skin.

Charlie has allergies and he has to take pills every so often or even shots when I can't get the pills to work. Poor fella, he will sneeze and itch so bad that several times he broke skin and bled. That was when he had the shot and then I told the Vet's groomer to shave his hair as close as possible until we get this under control. Now, here he is with no itching and no pink spots after I had them get rid of all that hair! Here is his after picture:

Isn't he adorable? We were on a cruise ship when this was taken so he was having a ball with the wind blowing in his face and then he got a little scared when they blew the horn a few times so that is why he looks like he is begging for help.

The Doggie Sudz Lavender and Neem Shampoo has helped out quite alot! I love that it does not contain these ingrediants which our Vet said would make Charlie itch more so he told us to read all the labels and I sure did and was happy to see that Doggie Sudz did not have any of these:

Does not contain alcohol, pesticides, phosphates, detergents, dyes, SLS, SLES, DEA, or TEA

And here is the last bit of info I wanted to share that this wonderful smelling shampoo does for your pet:

•32x Concentrated
•Promotes healthy skin and lustrous hair.
•Soothes insect bites and repels insects naturally.
•Gentle enough for everyday use.

AND it contains a BONUS sparkling pet charm in each bottle. Charm is ZINC-ALLOY. Does not contain lead, nickel, or cadmium. I saw mine thru the bottom of the bottle and it looks like it's shaped in the image of a bone but until we use most of the shampoo up, it will have to stay there because I am not ruining a whole bottle of shampoo for something that might not be the real thing. You really will fall in love with this awesome shampoo if you would just give it a try. You won't be sorry!

I just took a small excerpt from the About Us that explains what one woman's journey was for her and her pets:
Austin Rose®, Inc. was founded by the pioneer, Mia Rose, of the “real” citrus peel essential oils air freshener, Pet Air®.

Developed by a true pet lover for your beloved pets, Austin Rose®, Inc. researches, produces and markets a line of chemical free alternatives to animal odor removal and pet care. All Austin Rose®, Inc. products are environmentally safe, and use 100% natural ingredients. Only completely recyclable, environmentally friendly and non-aerosol packaging is used for all products.

In 1995, Mia was a pioneer in her development of Pet Air®, aromatherapy for pets. “We were absolutely the first, “she stated. “No one knew what I was talking about then. Now aromatherapy for animals is very popular. I wouldn’t mind that so much, except that they are using poor quality, inexpensive ingredients, chemical additives and non-recyclable containers. And that’s not good for anyone,” she added.
Also: First time customers can use the PROMO CODE: "POSTCARD" at checkout for 15% off entire order AND 15% off shipping* (*not including HI, AK) You can also get Free Shipping thru December 2012 by using FRSH2012 when checking out. I hope these offers help those of you who would like to get this awesome shampoo!
Connect with Austin Rose several ways:

Phone: (800) 945-0190
Contact Form & Newsletter Sign Ups:

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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