Sunday, September 16, 2012

Angie of the Garden Book Review

Got another rather unusual book for you today called Angie of the Garden written by J.E. Hall. Very interesting story with consquences that Hollis Smith doesn't see in the beginning and I wonder why a ghost would be able to talk and carry on conversations with a human, but hey, it is a great distraction from all the ugliness that the Presidential campaign has become. Very hard times right now and I don't know about you, but anything that can distract me from all of their foolishness, well, it's welcome! I just wish I could read nonstop for days!

Here is an excerpt from the book:
Angie of the Garden is a story about a psychiatrist named Hollis SImms. He is an affable individual who is dedicated to his patients, and his family. Hollis is married to a provocative and welathy woman named Olivia: their irrepressible teenage daughter is named Annabelle. His wife used her considerable resources to purcahse the estate called Fairhaven for them to live on.

As a boy Hollis found a diary writtien by a woman named Angie Barton buried in a garden. The journal told of the hardships and deprivations suffered by this woman from Boston as she traveled on the Oregon Trail. She became his first love. One evening as Doctor Simms walked past a garden on the estate he encountered the spirit of Angie Barton.

Hollis learns that she worked at Fairhaven as a house servant after returning from the west. he cannot fathom how this adventurous woman could have come to such a station in life. Hollis decided that Angie must have experienced some kind of trauma.

During her subsequant appearences he entices her into recounting the long trek westward in order to discover the cause of her malaise. Hollis' obsession with the woman from the past begins to strain his relationships with the living.
Hollis finds a journal when he was just a boy and I think the more he reads it, the more he dreams of her and her life. She leaves her wealthy father's house in search of her true love, Tom. All we know in the beginning is that Angie died in 1887.

Hollis grows up and marries another wealthy woman named Olivia and she buys the Fairhaven Mansion as a wedding present to Hollis. They have a daughter named Annabelle. One day he is walking in the gardens and Angie appears sorta like a shadow in the night.

But, not all is at it seems, and as time goes on the truth will be revealed and it shocks Hollis that his wife was in on the plan all along. If you ask me, I would have left her as if she was a hot potato. With friends like that, who needs enemies? Several people are in on this project and when it ends, I almost felt like I had been cheated out of a really good story that fell flat at the end.

This is a good book if you love dark humor or should I say childish behavior. It does have some funny moments and good times but is overshadowed by the "lie" that certain people were in on from the beginning. It is a good mystery if you are like me and like to solve them before the book gives it away. So, for that purpose, you will enjoy the fancy way that this whole story was laid out. Happy Reading!

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