Wednesday, August 22, 2012

ToiletTree Products Group of 4 Scissors Review

I know you have seen me talk about products I have received from ToiletTree Products in the past, so this one should come as no surprise to my regular readers. I think ToiletTree has some of the best products when it comes to personal care whether that is our teeth, nails or any other products that they make. I have been very fortunate and grateful that they have allowed me to review a variety of products for them.

This time I got to review a set of 4 grooming scissors for your nails, cuticle and hair. They are as follows:

1. Stainless Steel Flat Head Nail Scissor
2. Stainless Steel Slim Tip Cuticle Scissor
3. Stainless Steel Narrow Tip Facial Hair Scissor
4. .Stainless Steel Facial Hair Scissor
The first one above is the Stainless Steel Flat Head Nail Scissor and is great for trimming and cutting nails. This stainless steel nail scissor comes in a matte finish and is designed for it's strength. I can tell you that this one really came in handy with hubby's toenails! I had to be careful with mine. I don't know if it is thyroid related, but all of my nails are really soft and easy to break right now, so I knew better than to try this one just by the looks of it! This is one heavy duty scissor! It should take care of any stubborn problem nails that you might have or anyone else in your household.
This one is the Stainless Steel Narrow Tip Facial Hair Scissor. It will be similar to the Stainless Steel Facial Hair Scissor, but this version has a more narrow tip making it easier to get to the hard to reach areas you may need to clean up. I know they call it the Facial Hair Scissor but I used it to get the hang nails which are so hard to get to with regular scissors. Hubby did use this one to trim the nasal hairs that stick out slightly from his nose. This is also a good scissor to use to trim really delicate areas around our Yorie, Charlie. I used it to get the hair out of his eye area. Of course, he sits really still for me so please don't use this if your dog is squirmy. I would hate for you to hit it's eyes! Please be careful when using these scissors as all of them are stainless steel!
Now, this one is the Stainless Steel Slim Tip Cuticle Scissor. They are ideal for trimming your cuticles. This stainless steel cuticle scissor comes in a matte finish and can be used on natural and acrylic nail tips. The handles were comfortable and did not press into my fingers like alot of other scissors do. I have RA and Fibromyaglia, so it does me no good to have nice scissors if I still can't use them, so I was very happy to have this set of scissors with the wide handles. It gave my fingers room to grip the scissors so I wouldn't accidently cut too much or cut my skin by accident. This is a good toenail scissor, too! Got all the places I normally can't get with regular scissors or even nail clippers, so I was a happy camper!
Lastly, this is the Stainless Steel Facial Hair Scissor and it is designed to help make grooming easier than ever. This stainless steel scissor is ideal for trimming facial hair, nose hair, ear hair and any where else where hair may pop up! Comfortable designed handle making it easy to use. Now, I know I said hubby used the other one for trimming his nasal hair, but I used this one because that other tip really scared me a little. I did not want something that thin and sharp up in my nose area or around my ears so I used this one to be on the safe side.

But, really, whichever works the best for you is the one you should use. they are all excellent scissors and all of them are made from stainless steel so I don't think you will go wrong just as long as you know what you are doing. All of the scissors have these product features:

*Lifetime Replacement Warranty*
*Stainless Steel Scissor*
*Comfortable designed handle for easy use*
*Designed to last a lifetime*

To make sure that your scissors last and perform to perfection, please follow these simple cleaning tips:
Care and Cleaning: This tool is 100% stainless steel and is designed to last a lifetime. After each use, the product should be cleaned to extend the use and also to avoid germs. Place some rubbing alcohol onto a tissue or use an alcohol based disinfectant wipe. Wipe the tissue or wipe along the cutting edges of the nail and cuticle scissor. After cleaning, ensure that this tool is thoroughly dried and not stored while damp or in a damp location.
The Lifetime Replacement Warranty is good on everything except product damage that may result from abuse of the product. Otherwise, it is covered and all you have to do is send the product back to them at:
ToiletTree Products Replacement Dept.
517 North Highland Ave.
Upper Nyack, NY 10960

Please include your name and your return address information, phone number and email address, along with a $3.00 check for handling/processing. Replacements will be processed within 2 weeks of receiving.
You can stay connected with Toilet Tree several ways:

Mailing Address:
ToiletTree Products Inc.
517 Rt. 9W North
Upper Nyack, NY 10960
Email Address:
Phone Number: (888) 251-0985

Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. I did use some pictures from ToiletTree and Amazon as my camera doesn't do well with silver products. All you see is a glare. I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.