Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Things I Do For You Book Review

I rarely run into a book that does not have an excerpt on the back and then I realized I had an advanced copy but was able to get an excerpt from the website. I know it probably isn't necessary to have that, it is just something I have gotten in the habit of doing. I guess I am a creature of habit and am too old now to change. So, here is what I found to get us started on this book:
What happens to a marriage when a husband buys a lighthouse behind his wife’s back?

Bailey Jordan has loved her husband, Brad, since they were ten years old. She’s followed him on every adventure–opening a sweater store in Seattle, a cafĂ© in Colorado, a surf shop in Santa Monica. Each time, she’s picked up the pieces when things fell apart. But now, it’s her turn. Bailey has a successful real estate career in Manhattan, and she’s eager to start a family–until a car crash leaves Brad in a coma and changes their lives forever.

Awakening after his near-death experience, Brad has a new mission. He buys a lighthouse on the Hudson River, planning to turn it into a B&B. Grateful to have Brad alive, Bailey tries to make his dream her own. The lighthouse is beautiful, but the challenges–renovating, bringing in supplies by boat, navigating the locals and guests–are enormous. And then Bailey discovers a secret in Brad’s past that compels her to question her husband, her marriage, and how far she’ll go to keep them both. . .
Bailey Jordan is on her way to a sale, of a Penthouse Apartment on Fifth Avenue with her Aunt Faye and her Assistant, Jason Biggs. They had eaten at a restaurant and her stomach wasn't feeling too good. Her cell phone rang and she thought it was Brad, her husband. It was a different voice on the phone saying he was told to call her and let her know that her husband was in the critical care unit. He had actually died and had been dead for 10 minutes!

After much prodding and reflection, he told them he had seen a geat amazing light. Come to find out, his Aunt Olivia had wanted him to drive her cadillac for her and because of the accident, she had died. They had her cremated and put her ashes in an urn and wherever they went, they carried that urn with them! (weird, huh?)

Turns out Aunt Olivia was rich and they did not know it! She had left everything to Brad. With some of that money, Brad decides to buy a lighthouse and the only way in is by boat.

Now, comes the good part! The boat had a Captain and his name was Jack. He tells them the lighthouse is haunted, noises are heard all the time. Brad decides to make the lighthouse into a Bed & Breakfast Inn. He chooses a committee to come and spend the weekend. One of the people is a beautiful young woman by the name of Angel. When everyone else leaves, she stays.

Bailey finally has enough of it all and starts to get suspicious of Captain Jack's stories about the place being haunted.

I am stopping here because I don't want to ruin the whole book for you. I actually skipped over alot of details so that all of it will not sound familiar once you start reading the book. It's actually a pretty good book. I wasn't too sure in the beginning but the more I read, the better the storyline got. Happy Reading!

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