Monday, August 13, 2012

Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company Review & Giveaway **Closed**

I had alot of fun reviewing this next product while we were gone on our 2 week vacation, we took these with us for snacking so we wouldn't buy too much while on the road. Well, that didn't work so well as my husband is a chocolate freak so we still ended up buying alot of fudge and chocolate related stuff but I and my friend, who went with us, really ate the heck out of the Rocky Mountain Popcorn that we took with us!

Here is a list of the flavors we got to munch on:

1. Kettle Corn
2. Naked
3. Butter
4. Southwest Cheddar
5. White Cheddar
6. Jalapeno
7. Caramel
8. Cinnamon Sugar

It was a total of 12 bags so some of those listed above, we got 2 bags of instead of just one. I will have to also let you know that because of my stomach issues, I had to let my friend eat the Jalapeno and the Southwest Cheddar ones by herself. I try to be as honest as I can and if you are a long time reader of my blog, then you already know about my stomach issues, so if I were to say I thought they were awesome, you would know I was lying because I can't eat spicy foods. So, I try to let you know when I have to give it to someone else to try for me. 

She loved them both but really preferred the Southwest Cheddar the best.  She is sorta like me in some respects. Jalapeno I think is a man's popcorn. I guess there are some women out there who probably like it but it is not high on my list or hers. Hubby did try this one and said it was great and he wouldn't have minded if they made it even hotter! Can you believe that? Hotter? Really?

My favorites were the Kettle Corn (I love that sweet & salty taste!), Caramel (because  of the sugar rush I get!) and Cinnamon Sugar (because I love cinnamon!). My friend is more of the calorie watching type so she thought the Naked was her favorite. I could have eaten these also but because I had  so many to choose from and she didn't, I let her have all the Naked she wanted!

Hubby also did try the White Cheddar and the Southwest Cheddar as he is a cheese fanatic also. He said of those he liked the White Cheddar the best with Southwest coming in a close second. I have to admit, I am a cheese lover too but I had my hands full with the Kettle Corn, Caramel and Cinnamon Sugar, so I guess it is a good thing there were 3 of us in that car driving all over the place!

Here are some interesting facts I found out while cruising Rocky Mountain's site about their popcorn:
It's classically American, like no other snack, always a healthy, yummy, bag of fun. Who doesn't say the word popcorn and smile? And popcorn is a whole grain snack, so go ahead and munch, guilt - free. Plus, Rocky Mountain Popcorn is all natural, gluten-free, nut-free and certified non-GMO. Give yourself and your loved ones the very best in snacking; share the love with America's favorite...Rocky Mountain Popcorn!

Popcorn, as a grain, has more protein than any other whole grain. The outer layers of the popcorn, including the hull, are good sources of protein, iron, and phosphorous. Popcorn contains more iron content than spinach or eggs. It also has more phosphorus and fiber than baked chips or pretzels. Guess what else popcorn is known for? It is high in antioxidants, most notably, polyphenols – a group of natural plant chemicals that have a variety of health benefits. Polyphenols are the same group of compounds that give red wine, tea, olive oil and chocolate their beneficial
I found this about their company under their History section:
Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company started over 20 years ago in the eastern foothills of the great Rocky Mountains near Denver, CO. Long known, and much admired, as a great local product, the company grew by reputation until 2007, when it exploded onto the national scene, bringing the bold taste of the Rockies to a nation hungry for wholesome snacks.

When people ask us how popcorn can be real or honest, we say "Glad you asked!” Rocky Mountain Popcorn is real: it’s light, fresh, crisp and big... just like the mountains themselves. We find the biggest, moistest kernels we can, and only hot-air pop them. Rocky Mountain Popcorn is honest: it’s delicately coated with natural flavors, not smothered with pretentious-sounding hoo-ha. You won’t find corn syrup or partially hydrogenated anything in Rocky Mountain Popcorn.
You can buy their popcorn online at their store or you can use the Store Locator to help you find a retailer near you who does.  So, no matter what the circumstances, hopefully you will be able to get some of their popcorns to try. I would love to hear which flavors were your favorites if you do end up buying any for the home or for a vacation like we did.

I did not know this but according to the Store Locator, I can get that popcorn here in Georgis thru the Pilot Travel Centers. None of those are in our range but a few are about an hour or so drive away but I am thinking it would be best to order online so that you know right up front you are getting. I would love for some of you to give this great little popcorn a chance and see what you think. I know we all can't like the same things, but fortunately for the rest of us, that is a good thing. I can just imagine a whole lotta people going after each of these flavors to find out which one is their favorite.

Connect with Rocky Mountain Popcorn several ways:

Mailing Address:
6547 S. Racine Circle
Suite #1800
Centennial, CO 80111
Phone: 303-744-8850
Fax: 303 389-6859

Oh, by the way, if you get 3 people to "like" them on Facebook, you will get 3 bags of the Cinnamon Sugar Popcorn for free! So get busy getting those friends over to their site and you will be 3 bags of Cinnamon Sugar popcorn up!

The great folks at Rocky Mountain Popcorn are gonna let one winner get the same 12 bags of popcorn that I got to review! You are gonna love this popcorn! Open to the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!


dman2th432 said...

Hi Thanks for a chance to win this awesome popcorn I love popcorn it is one of my favorite snacks and my favorite is Kettle Corn,I cant wait for the fairs to start so I can get it.Thanks again.

WiMom Mandy said...

the southwest cheddar sounds yummy!

Catie said...

The Cinnamon Sugar and Jalapeno sound awesome!

redfuzzycow said...

the White Cheddar Popcorn sounds like it would be my favorite (jennifer reda)

Jackie said...

I'd like to try the White Cheddar

Di said...

I'd go for that White Cheddar!
sallans d at yahoo dot com

Di said...

commented on FB as Diane Sallans

freddie said...

I would love to try their white cheddar and jalapeno popcorn.

freddie said...

I commented on your Facebook wall under name Debbie Welchert

Janet Vickers said...

Southwest Cheddar!
Janet Vickers

Stephanie said...

I'm interested in the Southwest Cheddar, YUM!
steph4575 at msn dot com

Marti Parks said...

I'm most interested in caramel popcorn.

Marti Parks

manthas24 said...

MMMMM - I want them all but my whole family would definitely love Cinnamon Sugar Popcorn

awhartness said...

I like the White Cheddar and Kettle Corn.

awhartness said...

I commented on your Facebook as Angela Ward Hartness.

Ang said...

i'm a sucker for kettlecorn, though white cheddar sounds delish too!

chris0855 said...

Cinnamon Sugar & Kettle Corn sounds good!

Sarah said...

mmm... cinnamon sugar sounds good.


Geny Montecastro said...

I love caramel popcorn!

joansproductreviewsandgiveaways said...

Myself. My husband hates the smell of popping corn so already popped is the way for me to go.
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joansproductreviewsandgiveaways said...

I love cinnamon corn and cheddar

joan_penfold at yahoo dot com

Teresa Thompson said...

Southwest Cheddar

Marlene Breakfield said...

white cheddar sounds good