Monday, August 27, 2012

Raggedy Ann Fancy Pals Review & Giveaway **Closed**

You are going to love the new Raggedy Ann Fancy Pals! I wasn't sure when I ordered it what I would be getting but this has really turned out to be quite cute. One little lucky girl will be thrilled to get this set. I am going to give it to our niece for her birthday in November. Can't wait to see what she says! I will try to remember to come back and give a quick update on her reaction. They live in a different town than we do, about an hour and a half away, so I am hoping we don't end up having to ship it.

It has a really cute 7" inch Raggedy Ann doll that sits in a scrunched up pocketbook that is in a cute blue bag with red flowers and a big red bow! Classic Raggey Ann style! She loves collecting little pocketbooks and I thought this one would really make her smile with the little doll inside. I chose this one over the regular sized doll because I wasn't too sure if she is still into dolls but since this had a pocketbook, I knew it would be right up her alley. The bigger dolls look really cute, too! You can get those in either the Raggedy Ann or Andy.

These are the same makers of the Aurora Crinkle Friends that I did not too long ago. Amazing that this company keeps coming up with such unique and awesome products for our children. I love that they seem to know what they will like and then make it happen. Great job! What do you think? They have my vote because the last two items that I got to review have been really awesome! The Toucan Crinkle Friend was everything we had hoped for and I believe we have another winner with the Fancy Pals!
You will love these features about the Raggedy Ann & Andy Dolls:
•Aurora released a variety of classic Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy rag dolls and Fancy Pals™ (Raggedy Ann Butterfly or Red Ribbon style) in 2012.
•Aurora is thrilled to work with Hasbro to bring a new generation of children into the fold of this classic and beloved brand with a new line of plush dolls striking just the right balance of vintage and modern elements. (They really are cute)
•Aurora is very excited to showcase these handmade pieces that feature exquisite detail including fine facial features and yarn hair with the classic loop style. These are heirloom treasures that can be passed on for generations. (save for the grandchild)
•The 8", 12" 16" and 25" classic Raggedy Ann or Raggedy Andy rag dolls are: $10, $15, $25 and $35 respectively. (Great prices)
•The Fancy Pals style -- Raggedy Ann Butterfly or Red Ribbon -- are 7" and $17 each. (I love mine and the price is awesome)
•Four highly anticipated holiday styles join the line later this year. The Raggedy Ann "Chilly Chic" and "Santa's Helper" and Raggedy Andy "Chilly Chic" and "Santa" are 16 inches and SRP is $27. (Can't wait to see)
•All Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy items are great for ages 18 months and up

Don't forget that Aurora has the 30 Day Guarantee if for some reason it doesn't meet what you thought or there is a problem. Just let them know and they will take care of it, whether for an exchange or refund. They also have Free Shipping on orders of $50 or more and expires on August 31, 2012. You have to use the code: YooHoo12.  Join their fan club on Facebook and Twitter and find the latest news and events for special saving and fun!

They have alot more selections to choose from other than the two that I got to review. There are all kinds of wonderful toys on their website and I do hope that you will go and look around to see what you might like or think that your child would be interested in. You can shop by brand or my the season such as Easter, Christmas or Valentines, to mention a few.

Here is a little history about Aurora:
Aurora is the leading supplier of affordable, high quality gift products. Since its establishment in 1981, the company has ascended to become a respected leader in the character & contents industry.

Aurora is your “One Stop Solution”. Value prices, high quality and large variety, as well as international manufacturing, R&D and distribution resources are hallmarks of Aurora’s success. Aurora offers products for a range of children and adults who represent nearly every walk of life.

The company sells its products via a wide variety of retailers including major zoos, department stores, high-end toy stores, top gift chains, as well as hospital gift shops, fine florists, candy stores and gift/stationary stores worldwide. Take a step into Aurora’s world and see what everyone is smiling about.
Connect with Aurora by several methods:

Mailing Address:
8820 Mercury Lane
Pico Rivera, CA 90660
TEL: 562-205-1222 or 1-888-AURORA2 (287-6722)
FAX: 562-948-1661

Aurora has been extra kind and one winner can have their choice of either: one (1) Raggedy Ann or Raggedy Andy doll or one (1) of the Fancy Pals. I think that is awesome! Good Luck Everyone! Good in the US and Canada only.


Stephanie Phelps said...

I would love to have Raggedy Ann doll
Stephanie Phelps

lisagee1234 said...

Original Raggedy Ann :o)

jodi lasher said...

The original raggedy ann for sure

Debras Dollars said...

Oh my goodness Mary last year my mom looked all over for a Raggedy Ann doll for my daughter for Christmas. I would love to get this for her and put it away until then. What a special doll to have and just seeing it brings back joy and memories from my childhood. Thanks for having this giveaway!

debrasdollars at gmail dot com

Janette Hindman said...

Original Raggedy Ann

sandy1955 said...

I think Raggedy Ann
Sandy VanHoey

AMY said...

Raggedy Ann cwitherstine at zoominternet dot net

Darlene said...

I would love the Raggedy Ann

Darlene Owen

debijackson said...

i would get the large raggedy ann doll but i also love the 12 in classic
commented on fb as
debbie jackson,
djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

Devona Fryer said...

Raggedy Ann

gibberish said...

I'd choose the original Raggedy Ann - so cute!
My rafflecopter name is Julie G.

gibberish said...

I commented on the giveaway on your FB page as Julie G.

Paula L. said...

Raggedy Andy.

jandplee at att dot net

Joanne said...

Raggedy Ann
jednc @ hotmail .com

Joanne said...

I posted on fb
Joanne Gregory
jednc @ hotmail .com

Diane K.Brimmer said...

I would love to have the original Raggedy Ann doll.
Diane K. Brimmer

Colleen M said...

I would choose the Raggedy Ann Doll!

colljerr at comcast dot net

freddie said...

I would pick the Raggedy Ann Fancy Pal - Scrunchy

freddie said...

I commented on your Facebook wall/Debbie Welchert

Kathy said...

I would pick the 25" Raggedy Ann

evilredcaboose said...

Original Ann

princesssaturn59 @ aol . Com

Jennifer said...

The original Raggedy Ann

kywildcats_10 said...
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kywildcats_10 said...

I would pick the Raggedy Ann for my granddaughter.

Michelle B said...

I would choose the 7" RAGGEDY ANN FANCY PAL - SCRUNCHY.

WiMom Mandy said...

i would choose Raggedy Ann for my daughter!
mandylukane @

jenrenh said...

I would choose the Raggedy Ann Butterfly.

Jennifer Hedden

jenrenh said...

I left a comment on your Facebook page as Jennifer Hedden.

DEBIJOT said...

Raggedy Ann - 25"

Valerie Taylor Mabrey said...

Want the raggedy Andy 25 inch
vmkids3 at msn dot com

lisagee1234 said...

FB -!/maryscupoftea/posts/428973363806015

lisa said...

12 in classic Ann

Donna said...

I would like Raggedy Ann.

Donna said...

I left a comment on FB.(Donna Kozar)

Missy L said...

I'd choose the Raggedy Ann Fancy Pals one

Missy L said...

Forgot to include my email in my comment. Doh! It's mlynnh5 at gmail dot com

ellen_levickis said...

Raggedy Ann

Christine Jessamine said...

i love raggedy ann!

christinejessamine at hotmail dot com

Debras Dollars said...

Hi Mary,

I'm so excited that I won. I did email you last night I hope you received my information. Have a great day!

debrasdollars at gmail dot com