Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pam of Babylon Book Review

I have a really great book to tell you about. I wasn't sure I was going to like this book but the more I read, the more drawn in I got. Of course, I need to tell you that this is a three series book and I can't wait to read the second one! Pam is very unusual in her thinking and I don't think I could have done what she done and I just wonder how in the heck would I react if it were me.

Here is an excerpt from the back of the book:
For Long Islander Pam Smith, each day of her week is spent preparing for the weekend return of her husband, Jack. A picture-perfect life built on the foundation of the American Dream, their marriage is a modern Norman Rockwell painting of success and comfort with the love of family and friends. Then, one Saturday that seems no different than any other, everything changes forever.

Riveting, first-class tension and shocking twists mark Suzanne Jenkins' debut, a heart-wrenching examination of lives suddenly and irrevocably torn apart. When Jack drops dead on the train, Pam finds herself on a trip to identify his body, only to be thrown on a mind-bending trip down the rabbit hole of past sins. Confronting a series of shocking revelations, she discovers an understanding of her husband markedly different than he appeared. Uncovering more secrets and stunning betrayals far worse than her most vivid nightmare. Pam retreats to their meticulous Babylon beach house, the one refuge she has to put the pieces of her life together and move toward ultimate forgiveness.

A fascinating character study. Jenkins' novel demonstrates the devastating consequences of our actions and how they can reverberate through generations. Through forgiveness, the characters find redemption and strength, eschewing the option of victimization for one of power and, ultimately, personal peace. Affecting in its fast pacing and spare, evocative prose, Pam of Babylon is a powerful reminder for us all to strive to be better people.
I know everyone talks about forgiving people and I do believe in that, but Pam takes it even farther than that and it blows my mind apart! She finds out that during the week while she is at the beach house preparing everything that Jack likes, he is living with a woman from his workplace and that he had just left her on his way home when he had the heart attack.

Pam finds this out when she goes to identify the body and the strange woman is there also, visibly upset. She learns the truth and at first reacts how I think a woman would react but then she does the strangest thing I would think a woman in that position would not do. She accepts his girlfriend and even wants to be close to her because she thinks in being close to her that she will be close to Jack!!!

Well, that really hits an all time high when the woman realizes she is pregnant. And on top of that, Jack left his share of his company to the other woman! Yes, Pam gets the house and the money, but the woman is now co-owner in the business that will keep Pam up in the style that she is used to! And Pam decides she wants this woman to come and live with her! It really blew my mind then. Pam has two grown children who no longer live at home and it just really threw me that she would drag her children into this and expects them to be okay with another woman having their Dad's baby.

You will have to read this mind blowing book because so much happens in it that it would be hard for me to tell you everything so that you understand it fully. The book leaves off with Pam going to meet a new man in her life but in the house, she has several guests staying for the summer and her 2 children are on their way also. This will be some explosive summer for everyone! I am betting the new book explains what happens next during that summer.

All I will tell you is that there is more to this story than about the other woman with the child. Jack had other secrets and one concerned his own brother. Another concerned Pam's sister. This man, Jack, sure did get around and I wonder if he really ever loved his wife. He really sounds like he was mentally disturbed or something. Which brings me to why I am so mad and upset that Pam is accepting all of this!

You really need to get this book and the next 2 that come out after this one. I normally don't urge you to read a book although I will say it's good and worth buying, but I have never said, "You really need to read this book"! Gosh, what a mind bending journey you will go on when you do!

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Nitrous said...

You can not help but want to know what's going to happen next, Love this series :)