Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mind Secrets Book Review

I was given the chance to review this book, Mind Secrets, written by Chris Reynolds recently. I normally don't read books that are geared more to young adults or teenagers but I am a thriller/science fiction kinda girl and thought I would give it a whirl. It is definitely out there but not any more so than some other books I have read so if your teen likes this type of book, this will be a good one to get them. I am going to give you the excerpt from the back of the book and then tell you my thoughts on the rest of the book:
Teenagers with special powers fight to exist in a world that doesn't want them.

On the run and without his memories, Michael escapes from a man called Carter onto the unfamiliar streets of London. There, he meets a gang of teenagers with the power to sense the thoughts and feelings of others. They live in fear of "the cure", a mysterious process which takes away their power and, some believe, destroys their personality.

Suspecting the cure caused his memory loss, Michael goes undercover to investigate the truth behind the doctors of the cure clinic. What he discovers leads him to a conspiracy that runs to the heart of government and reveals the shocking and reality of his own past.

Mind Secrets is a compelling thriller set in a contemporary world and will appeal to anyone who's ever wondered what it's like to have mind powers.

Like I said at the beginning, it's a great teen or young adult book, but I found parts of it interesting and got caught up in the whole idea and process that Michael goes thru to figure out who he is and what he had to do to survive. So, for that reason, I think this is a great book that shows our teens that they are not all bad and that if you set your mind to it, you really can accomplish alot!

Michael doesn't remember what happened to him but when he does, he is furious with his father, who was the one through prenatal care of pregnant women, thought up the idea of having a race that could read people's minds. He even went so far as to have his wife take the vitamins so that his unborn child, Michael, would be one of the children who could read other people's minds.

He meets up with a group of teens who do have the powers also and they are opposed to a new law out calling for each teen to turn themselves in to the authorities to have the "cure" so that they can become normal teens again. So, they campaign to get that overturned and they do succeed in getting it changed to a voluntary action instead of a mandatory one.

Michael and another friend of his, Otis, decide not to have it reversed but Otis's girlfriend does. Once she does that, it changes the feelings and they have to go their separate ways. Even Michael gets sucked up in the vaccum and is forced to go to work for the very people he has fought to get away from. But he does it so that all of his friends can be free.

I don't want to give too much of the book away because it really was sad in some ways because Michael is trapped into staying with the very men who formed all of this way before he was even born and he still can't get away from them. It is actually a good book to show that sometimes, somebody has to step up to the plate whether they want to or not.

Happy Reading Folks!

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