Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ladybug Party Supplies Review

I love the idea of the Ladybug Party Supplies! I loved them so much that I took the whole package with me on vacation because while we were gone it was gonna be my friend's birthday and I thought it would be cute to have a little picnic while on our trip! Well, that did not work out like I thought. Oh, the picnic was great, the pictures were awesome and my friend was really surprised! The problem came this week when I got ready to do my review, my darn laptop crashed on me. For several days Mike tried to fix it to no avail. I know it makes no difference as far as my blog or the internet but my pictures were downloaded from my camera to the hard drive! And then I erased the ones on my camera thinking I was good to go!

Mike ended up having to buy me another laptop and it has taken me most of the week to reload some stuff and get used to it because the keys are different and it works different. I had Vista windows on my other one and this one is Microsoft and Bing. I don't even know what Bing is! Anyway, I went on Discount Party Supplie's site and downloaded the pictures of the products so at least you will see those, just not how we used them.

This is what was in the standard package:

1 x Fancy Ladybug Shaped Plates - 9in (8 Pack)
1 x Fancy Ladybug Lunch Napkins (16 Pack
1 x Fancy Ladybug Invitations (8 Pack)
1 x Black Plastic Cutlery (Assorted, 24 Count)
1 x Black Crepe Streamers, 81 (ft)
1 x Red Crepe Streamers, 81 (ft) (Each)
1 x Red Balloons (15 pack)
1 x Black Balloons (15 pack)
1 x Red Plastic Tablecover, 54" x 108" (Each)
1 x Spiral Birthday Candles (24 Pack)

Gosh, I wish you had seen us at the picnic area at Niagra Falls! It was absolutely gorgeous scenery, great company and beautiful plates and napkins to use along with cups and the plastic silverware. Of course, we did not use the balloons but I did hang some streamers on a few tree limbs. Oh, I guess we didn't use the invitations either. It was just the four of us, Charlie included and he had a ball, too!

The cups were a big hit with us because they were very strong and we did not have to worry about anything leaking or the cup getting weak. The napkins were so cute we did not want to use them, but we did. I did keep a few as a keepsake of the trip and birthday. Moms, you will love how thick and strong these napkins are and they will wipe can clean those cute little faces without tearing into a million pieces! That is one of my pet peeves, whether it is paper towels or toilet paper to napkins, I don't like it the first time they get a little wet, they tear and rip!

My friend was definitely surprised and did not know we had planned on doing that, so it came off really well. The background of Niagra Falls was so out there and I am very happy that I chose that place to do the birthday picnic. My friend took pictures with her camera so I will have the pictures from hers so I won't totally be without any, I just hate it that I could not surprise you guys with pictures from Niagra Falls.

The package did not have a picture of the black plastic silverware, but I was glad they sent them versus the red, because the red tablecloth would not have gone good with red silverware. We did get a few curious looks but it's like I told her, we won't ever see these people again, so enjoy yourself and ignore them! Below is a better image of the plates.

You guys really need to check out Discount Party Supplies to see what themes they have and get some great idea's on what theme to do your children's or even your spouse's big day. I was really surprised at all the different kinds of themes that they have and so will you. They can do Elegant, Holiday, Birthdays, Bridal or Baby Showers, or even graduations!

They even have a Clearance section where you can get party supplies at up to 90% off! Now, that is something I wouldn't mind looking into myself. You will get Free Shipping on orders that are $65 and over and in some instances you can get them shipped on the same day that you order. Now, that is what I call fast!

Here is a brief summary of what they say in About Us:
We are a leading online retailer of party supplies, birthday supplies, and other party products. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for busy parents and others to host fantastic parties that are fun, easy, and affordable. We know how hectic our lives can get with children, jobs, family, and more, and so we want to make your party planning as simple as possible.

Our vast inventory of party themes allows our guests to choose from a variety of fun party topics. From SpongeBob to Elmo to Star Wars and more, you should conveniently be able to find everything you’re looking for in just a few easy clicks.

At Discount Party Supplies, we place a premium on product quality and service. All of our products are chosen with an emphasis on quality, and all of our items are packaged and shipped fast to your location.
Connect with them several ways:

Mailing Address:
Customer Service Department
720 McKay Street
Jackson, MI 49202

Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.


Debras Dollars said...

These are very cute party supplies. They would come in handy for our end of the summer picnic or the labor day BBQ. Thanks for sharing!

Diane K.Brimmer said...

They are just adorable! Thanks for sharing the information. My Granddaughter is Lilly and we call her Lilly Bug. She always has something with a Ladybug on it. Can't wait to show her mom. Thanks again.

freddie said...

I love the Ladybug Party Supplies. These would be great for a tea party with my grand daughters. I have 3 birthdays coming up soon. I'll have to check out the rest of their party supplies.

evilredcaboose said...

Those are cute!

Diane K.Brimmer said...

My daughter just loved these when I showed her. thanks for posting this.

Diane K.Brimmer said...

I sure like these lady Bug decorations!

Diane K.Brimmer said...

The more I look at the ladybug collection the cuter they get. =)

Swank Savings said...

cute! there are some computer programs where you can recover deleted files off of media that has been erased (like smart cards and such). i've had to do that a few times. hope you never have that problem again though

Teri champion said...

how cute I would love to have these for a girls day picnic!

Diane K.Brimmer said...

Still cute! I hope you are having good evening.

Diane K.Brimmer said...

Love it!!!!

Diane K.Brimmer said...

Hi again! I really like the LadyBug party supplies.

Diane K.Brimmer said...

Good evening! Sorry but it says to keep commenting on this site. I still like it though.

Diane K.Brimmer said...

I need something else to comment on! Anyway hello and thank you for hosting the awesome giveaway.

Kathy said...


Diane K.Brimmer said...

They are just so stinkin cute!

Kathy said...

Lady Bugs deserve respect:)
Kathleen Quinlan

Maria Oller said...

Omg it is so adorable shame I have no little girls or I would bought it for a bd party so cute

Diane K.Brimmer said...

I am odering some of these Party Supplies. I just love them. Thanks for sharing.

S C said...

Sorry about your laptop, but I'm glad the picnic went well. Those napkins are really cute. I like ladybugs and those colors seem to come to life.
Sherry Compton

Eileen said...

Not sure what the prices are...I will head over there, but definitely tell my daughter who has a lil' one having her first bday party next months. These are adorable and I know mommy has a thing for lady bug lil' girls things!

ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

Gala said...

These would be great for a tea party with my daughters.
galyettina at yahoo dot com