Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Flag On The Summit Book Review

Gosh, this was a hard book to read with so much darkness and depression! But, if you love intense, deep gut feeling books, then this is one heck of a book to read. Flag On The Summit, written by Aprilish. Ch. Sangma, who went on to become a Psychiatrist to help her friend, gives us a glimpse into their world as they were growing up as friends. Here is what is on the back cover of the book:
The novel, "Flag On The Summit" is about the dreams of two young girls Jentilla and Palmina who belonged to two humble families of Bolchugri, a non descript place in a non descript town. The lived in the environment where even dreaming big is impossible. They grew together since childhood along with their other friends, Chinche, Hilla and Milche.

While Palmina wanted to become a doctor, Jentilla wanted to become a magistrate. With those two aims like two flags waving at them, they began their journey towards it. But halfway, Jentilla's father and the sole bread earner of the family died and Jentilla went into a depression.

The people of the Bolchugri was ignorant of depression and was no help to her but rather ridiculed her and taunted her. Even her own mother was no help to her depression as to what caused it and how to bring her into normalcy.

With no help from the society, her condition grew worse. But against all odds, Palmina went onto becoming a doctor with the relentless support of her parents and became a Psychiatrist. She stuck steadfastly into her decision and never gave up her dream.

Clinche was the only daugther of the drunkard father, neighbor and childhood friend of Palmina with two young brother's in her care. Right from the early childhood after her mother's death, she became a mother to them as well as a sister while at the same time looking for care and love which she found in her relationships, but only for short periods.

Nobody understood her search for love and care but branded her as a scarlet girl. With that tag she lived but found that in the end.

While Hilla, another childhood friend of Palmina and Jentilla was the only daugther of a well off doctor parents and never lacked for anything in her life but was born with a silver spoon in her mouth.

Milche was the only daughter of a rich Widow and she also never knew the hard times. But all five of the friends, even if different in their ages, grew together and shared lots of childhood adventures.
The author, Aprilish.Ch.Sangma, bases her book loosely on her own family life growing up paired with her intense struggle to become a respected police officer. She tries to give readers a look into the lives of two yound girls as they battle tradition and social norms. She does become a Psychiatrist and opens up a clinic specializing in depression.

What I found amazing about this story is that even though she got both her bachelor's degree and master's degree in History, she is currently the Deputy Superintendent of Police with the Meghalaya Police Department. I did not mention in the beginning of the book but her father is a retired police officer, so that is where her dream of being on the police force comes from.

I just thought it was amazing to be able to diverse herself into many different kinds of jobs and be a Psychiatrist and a Deputy Superintendent of the Police! Goes to show, don't cut women short, as we will surprise you every time. This has nothing to do with the book but I thought in light of the Olympics, this has never been truer. I noticed that more women won medals of all colors more so than the men did this time around. It seems like we may have finally found ourselves and we are gaining strength in that power of positive thinking.

The author has graciously offered one reader her very own copy of the book so that you can read this journey for yourself. Open to the U.S. only. You can also buy this book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and also from Bookstore Universe.

**Update** The publisher just got back with me and said I could have 4 winners! Yeah! I hope this gets everybody excited!


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