Sunday, July 8, 2012

Udderly Smooth Sponsor Spotlight Review

I have another review on one of  my favorite body lotions and foot creams!  Udderly Smooth is still around and they have come up with a new product, Vitamin E Cream!  When they sent me the new Vitamin E Cream, they also sent me these other Udderly Smooth products to try at the same time:

1. Moisturizing Lotion
2. Udderly Smooth Udder Cream (lightly scented)
3. Udderly Smooth Shea Butter Foot Cream
4. Unscented Extra Care Cream
5. Vitamin E Body Cream

I started with the Udderly Smooth Udder Cream because I do have some very dry spots on my elbows and on my knees and legs. I am more partial to heavier creams because they soak into my skin and make it fell more silky smooth. You are gonna love Udderly Smooth Udder Cream!

Original Udderly Smooth Udder Cream is a greaseless, stainless water-based moisturizer with a light fresh fragrance. It was originally developed for use on dairy cows, Udderly Smooth Udder Cream. is used by many people for their dry and chapped skin. I loved the way my skin just drank it up like it was thirsty for water!

They also sent me the Shea Butter Foot Cream  I love that the cream evaporates into your skin so you don't feel greasy or oily. And the best part is that they come in  8 oz. jars. I didn't know this until I read it on their site but Udderly Smooth Shea Butter Foot Cream was the winner of Woman's Day Magazine's Best in Beauty for 2005! And do you know what is so astounding about this? It is not a high priced, celebrity endorsed product! Finally, something that can get our feet ready for sandals! I don't know about you, but I live in sandals during the summer and I don't want people looking at my dry cracked heels! They do have the Foot Cream for Dry Feet in the 2 oz tubes and 16 fl. oz bottles.

Wouldn't that make you feel just a little bit partial to such a great cream that also does not make your hands feel like grease but soft and supple hands that can do no wrong? Well, I take that pretty serious because typing on a typewriter and having to constantly clean up after my family and occasionally! So, if that is you, then you know how cracked and dry your hands can get, especially in the winter! I practically delved my hands into that yummy white creamy stuff! That is why I love the new Vitamin E Smooth Body Cream, but I am using it as a hand cream, too! I also used some of it on my scars on both knees from my knee replacements.  I did use plain Vitamin E oil when I first had the operations and they worked wonders in reducing the scars. And I don't think it hurts one bit to try to get them to shrink even more now.

Did I also mention that they make it in an Unscented Extra Care Cream also? Well, I got to try that one this time around and this is absolutely perfect if you don't want it clashing with your favorite perfume! See, that is sometimes why I would go without any lotions or creams because you then had 2 scents trying to come thru and who knows which one might win that battle!

I did not know this but Udderly Smooth Udder Cream is used by cancer patients and by people with diabetes to help with the cracking and peeling while under going a bad chemo day. Now, I did not know that either. As for diabetes if helps with the skin problems associated with diabetes if caught in time. The next time that you buy Udderly Smooth Cream think about how that cream has many more uses than what we know about and the good that it is doing for some people. Retail stores will usually stock Udderly Smooth in the pharmacy, first aid, travel/trial or skin care department. I love that they have these huge 16 fl. oz. size bottles of Moisturizing Lotion! They last a good long while and you can't beat the price either!

I found out some interesting background information while checking out their site:
Family owned and operated, Redex Industries, has manufactured Udderly Smooth® products for over 30 years. Manufactured in Salem, Ohio, under the direct guidance of Bill Kennedy, CEO and Registered Pharmacist. Originally invented for use on dairy cows and now used for dry and chapped skin.

Udderly Smooth® Udder Cream was originally invented in Ohio use on dairy cows under harsh conditions. Now used for dry and chapped skin on people worldwide.

Many women use Udderly Smooth® on their face either as a general moisturizer, foundation primer or to remove makeup. Like any other product, be careful around your eyes and avoid getting our product into your eyes.

Growing up, we always had a jar of Udderly Smooth® in the fridge during beach vacations. Apply a generous amount of Udderly Smooth® to your sunburned skin.
Connect with Udderly Smooth by several methods:

Mailing Address:
1176 Salem Parkway
Salem, Ohio 44460
Phone: 330.332.9800
Fax: 330.332.1061
Email us at

Udderly Smooth has been gracious enough to give the winner of my For the Lady's Giveaway Hop Package their own assortment of their great creams and lotions! The Giveaway starts on July 9th and ends on the 15th! Open to the U.S. only. Good Luck!

Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. All of the pictures were taken by Mary Bearden and the famous cranky camera.


Amanda said...

I would love to try the Shea Butter Foot cream! My heels get so dry and cracked during the summer and winter months and nothing seems to help!