Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lady M Scents Sponsor Spotlight Review

I have got a great new company to tell you about that has some of the most decadent and unique scents that I have smelled in a long time! The shop is called Lady M Scents and wow, are you gonna love some of the scents that she has come up with! Here is what she sent me to review:

1. Whisper of Love Moisturizing Body Spray
2. Lavender Martini Moisturizing Body Spray
3. White Cherry Blossom Body Butter
4. Mangosteen Whipped Body Frosting

I will have to be very honest and tell you that the Whisper of Love Body Spray was by far the best fragrance I had smelled in a long time! Oh, my goodness, when I sprayed a little on my arm to just get a whiff of it, my husband who was in the living room smelled it and wanted to know what was that smell? He wasn't sure if I was baking some new exotic cake or what. I had him smell my arm and the look of mischief on his face was all the proof I needed that we had a winner! The scent is uniquely sweet, exotic, precious wood scent blended with ozone and rosewood, then gently infused with musky sandalwood, teakwood and vanilla.

Her moisturizing body sprays will leave your skin soft nourished and protected. The smell is intoxicating and will last for hours on the skin. Her Fragrance oils will open up a whole new world for you, scents that you have never dreamed of blended together to give off a unique smell. She has many different fragrance oils to choose from for you to use and enjoy. They come in these really pretty purple bottles wrapped with lavender ribbons. I felt very pampered and cared for! I wish I could have shown you some of the pictures but my camera went on the fritz and ate them or they went into never land and I can't find them. Also, she doesn't have them on her site either, just the descriptions, so I am sure you as long as you know what they smell like and how they feel, the bottle or jar isn't that big of a deal.

The Lavender Martini was the other body spray that I chose and this picture above is what she had on her site to illustrate the sensual nature I guess of the fragrance. All I know is that I fell in love with it but of course I already love any lavender but this spray put lavender into a whole new meaning! This is how she described it and I couldn't have put it in any better terms: What do you get when you mix lavender with vodka, add a sprig of sage and basil, then kiss with white musk and a soft woodsy base? An upscale, spa-like scent that will make you scream WOWZERS! Definitely NOT your average lavender scent... very clean and absolutely wonderful! It is definitely all that and more! You will think of lavender in a whole new way if you ever smell this particular scent!
I finally found the pictures! Yeah! So this is how the Body Sprays will come, in these cute little purple bottles with the lavender ribbons. They are just too adorable! Both of my body sprays came in the same bottles with their names on the back so you don't get them mixed up. I am so glad I found them so you could see how cute they are and what time and effort went into making your experience special and unforgettable.
I also got to review this wonderful body frosting called Mangosteen. As you can see it comes out a pinkish color that is both beautiful and very luxurious feeling. Monica says this about her luxurious body frostings: The whipped Mangosteen body butter is a unique delectable, tropical medley of tangy lemon, mandarin, guava, coconut palm, vanilla musk. It smells so good! You'll love it just as much as I do! It's not oily at all, It moisturizes the skin leaving it soft nourished and protected. The smell is intoxicating lasting for hours. Also comes in my moisturizing body spray. All I know is that this is one body frosting that you will want to keep on for as long as you can!

I thought you might want to see what a mangosteen looks like before it is made into the heavenly body frosting that you see above. It is hard to imagine such a fruit giving off such a wonderful intoxicating smell!
This whipped body butter is the White Cherry Blossom and if you have ever smelled another brand's cherry blossom, you will love this one as well. It does not smell quite the same however. There is a distinct difference because it smells more natural so you won't be confusing them at all. It does not have a heavy smell, rather a light and clean and natural scent that will have others wondering what you got into while you were out in the woods! It may look heavy as a body butter but because it is whipped, as soon as you touch it and began to rub into your skin, it disappears quickly leaving you with a wonderful clean and memorable scent behind.

These are the wonderful white cherry blossoms that helped make the wonderful whipped body lotion that I just told you about. Can you just imagine by looking at that picture how perfect the Cherry Blossom Whipped Body Butter must be? I have some on right now and it is so relaxing and soothing that I could fall asleep if I am not careful!

I did not count them but there looked to be over at least 50 or more sample fragrances that you can buy for $1.95 each so that you can sample some of them without buying the bigger ones and finding out you don't like them. If, I were you, that is what I would do. Especially if you have never smelled any of these combinations, it would be worth it to sample them and get used to them before buying. Happy Shopping!

Connect with Lady M Scents several ways:

Email: ladymscents@aol.com
Etsy Shop
Lady M's Blog

Lady M Scents has been kind enough to offer (2) winner's their choice of a Body Spray and a Body Frosting! Isn't that great that there will be (2) winner's in the Made in America Blog Hop Giveaway that starts on July 4th and ends on the 18th! Thanks so much Lady M Scents for being so generous! Open to the U.S. only!

Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monitary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.


Brittany said...

All the scents sound heavenly!

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The body frosting looks good enough to eat! I would love to smell some of the scents! They sound unique!
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love cherry sents and the lavender one sounds great too!!