Wednesday, July 18, 2012 Purple Passion Sponsor Spotlight Review

When I first saw this bracelet on site, I fell instantly in love! This one is called Purple Passion. As you can tell from the color of my blog, I love purple and lavender, especially, so this was really no surprise to me. I was however very intrigued when I received the bracelet and saw how it worked. I don't know about most of you, but, if you have RA and Fibromyalgia on top of that, it is so HARD to get those clasps to work. With this bracelet that has been solved. This next picture will hopefully show you better what I mean.

Do you see the silver like bead in the middle all by itself in the back part of the bracelet? Well that acts like a slider and you can take the leather parts and slide them in either direction to make your bracelet either smaller or bigger. No guessing games anymore! Also, they have beads and a knot on each end piece so that it can't slide off, so you are in no danger of losing your bracelet either.

They came in strands of two, one is black leather and one is a purple leather and then the beads on each strand of leather is different in every aspect. It was simply one of the prettiest bracelets I have seen in awhile that I won't have to have any help with! Hubby will like that because he always had to fasten my bracelets for me but now he won't have to at least with this one anyway. The designer who makes these wonderful gems is called Desert West Designs and sells them.

I almost got this one called Asian Jade (faux) Leather Bracelet because I love jade jewelry and it is close enough to my birthstone, May which is emeralds, so I also have a fondness of green gems also. To be truthful, there were so many I would have liked but we can't always have what we want so for now, I am beyond happy with my Purple Passion. I would like to show you a few more bracelets and then I want to tell you about a few other items that they carry as well.

This one is called Pink Love (Faux) Leather Bracelet. Aren't the colors beautiful and the Love charm is just too cute. This would be a great gift for a teenager or even for an adult woman for Valentine's Day or even Christmas. Anyone would be happy to get this lovely bracelet. Also from the the same designer, Desert West Designs.
Now, I have to show you these watches because I was really fascinated by them. Once you see them you will agree! They called this one Garden Time Charm Bracelet. I guess we know why! Here is some info you might need to know about this watch: Garden Time Charm Bracelet with glass beads and silver charms, dragonfly dangle, butterfly dangle, and working timepiece! Clasp Type: Snap. Weight: 2.2 oz.  CHAIN LENGHTH: The proper sizing for bracelets with charms is to add 1" - 1.5" to your wrist size. Go up one size for a very loose fit.

I have one more to show you and then we will talk about something else that they carry that I thought was great and could really use also. But, first, I want you to see this unique watch that they call Heart Watch Leather Bracelet with Cowboy Boot Dangle. Wow, what a mouthful! So, if you have a cowgirl in your life or just like wearing western gear, then this is the watch for you!

Now, I also found out that they carry earrings, brooches, ankle bracelets, wraps, perfume, jewelry tools, charms, beads, rope and you can even get gift cards if you are not sure which piece she would like to have. In closing, I wanted to show you this beautiful Black Dragonfly Brooch I saw and a pair of Butterfly Purple Crystal Stud Earrings.

Here is a little history I found while looking around their site: is owned and operated by SedonaBiz LLC, an internet company nestled in the panoramic red rocks of Sedona, Arizona. The majesty of Sedona inspires us everyday to offer beautiful bracelets at reasonable prices.

You won't find bracelets on our website that cost thousands of dollars. No! We want to appeal to the jewelry lover who likes to wear a different bracelet everyday. We offer beautiful, fun fashion bracelets that are good quality and don't break the bank.

We also try to make it as easy as possible to buy a bracelet online by giving you tips for measuring your wrist, and telling you what wrist size each of our bracelet fits so you don't have to guess.

Many sites only tell their customers the size of the bracelet, but not the best wrist size for that bracelet. As we know, the bigger the beads, the smaller the wrist it fits.
Also, any orders over $50 comes with Free Shipping! has been kind enough to offer the winner of my 12 Days of Christmas in July their very own Purple Passion Bracelet just like the one I got to review! You are gonna LOVE this bracelet! It is super beautiful and easy to wear and all of your friends will be so jealous! Starts on July 20th and ends on July 31st. Good Luck!

Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. Pictures were supplied by


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Thank you, Mary!

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Love these!

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What lovely and reasonably priced items. Of all shown on this page, the Purple Passion bracelet is my favorite. It is perfect. I would have to get two more, one for each daughter. If I didn't, they would both be taking it.

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These are so pretty - looks like they are influenced by the beautiful landscape in Sedona.

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I absolutely love that dragonfly brooch! All the jewelry is very pretty

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Love the bracelet thanks for the giveaway. Jennifer Jo Archdeacon

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love the colors so pretty

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Very pretty bracelets. Love them.

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