Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tortuga Rum Cake & Coffee Sponsor Spotlight Review

If I am not mistaken, I think this is the 3rd time that the great folks at Tortuga Rum have come to my rescue and helped me put together an outstanding package to be given away during the Father's Day Event that starts on June 10th and ends on June 18th. The winner of my package will get a 33 oz. rum cake and a bag of their wonderful Port Royal Coffee

I am pretty sure you get to choose the flavor you would like to have. I have tried both the chocolate rum cake and the original golden rum cake. I wish I could tell you about the other flavors but those are the only two I know about. Please stop by their site and see all the other great flavors they have for you to choose from. I hope to one day get a chance to try the Coconut or the Cinnamon Raisin one. I bet those 2 are awesome also!

We have been fortunate enough to also get to try their Rum Turtles with Sea Salt and they are out of this world! So, if you decide to buy some of those, you won't be disappointed because they are awesome! The picture at the top of my post is what they look like.

Oh, and this is the wonderful Port Royal Coffee that you will also get to try along with the cake that you choose. I have to admit for some strange reason I assumed the coffee would taste like rum but it doesn't. It is just a nice refreshing coffee that tastes awesome because Tortuga Rum only accepts the darkest, richest Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee beans to create this distinctive blend that I know you will enjoy!

If you love chocolate and rum, then this is the cake for you! They somehow managed to combine a rich chocolate taste mixed with rum to give you the ultimate chocolate & rum experience. I think this will always be one of my favorites! This Chocolate Rum Cake would also make a great gift for Dad or anyone who loves those flavors.

Each cake is baked fresh daily in the Cayman Islands with only the finest natural ingredients. The only preservative used is their specially blended "5-year-old", oak barrel aged Tortuga Gold Rum. Each cake is individually hand glazed then vacuum packed, ensuring a shelf life of 6 months, or indefinitely if refrigerated or frozen.

There are so many other items that they make and sell also, as you can see from the above picture. It is called the Tortuga Picnic Pack which includes a 16oz Original Golden Rum Cake - Perfect for picnics and no refrigeration needed, + Caribbean Sauce Pack - Jerk Sauce, Hell-Fire Sauce & Gourmet Steak Sauce (5oz ea.) with recipes, + 10oz Pepper Jelly - great for glazes or as an appitizer served with cream cheese. Gosh, just reading about it makes me want to get one!

Lastly, I thought this might make a great Father's Day gift, it is called Golden Gourmet Gift Basket. There are all kinds of goodies in the beautiful dark willow basket. It is filled with a 16 oz chocolate rum cake, 16 oz gold bar rum cake, 16 oz bottle of wildflower honey, 8 oz bag of rum cream gourmet coffee, 5 oz bottle of hell-fire pepper sauce and 5 oz bottle of sweet heat Caribbean pepper sauce. *Available in USA only **

I hope I have given you guys alot of choices and there are so many more on their site that I did not touch on. I could easily make up another whole page but I don't want to take away from the original prize, which is the 33 oz. Rum Cake and the Royal Port Coffee that the winner will get. Oh, while you are there, register for the Caribbean Cruise for Two that they are giving away. They also have a special going on which is if you buy a 33 oz. rum cake you get the Royal Port coffee free just by using the code, DAD12 and it is good until June 17, 2012.

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Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monitary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. Pictures were taken by me and some were taken off of Tortuga Rum's Photo CD they sent me.


jbafaith said...

Oh this sounds great! I am not a coffee drinker myself, but my mom is and one of my daughters in law is too, so I would gladly share - maybe even some cake too!

tranch said...

would love to try their bottle of hell-fire pepper sauce Yum

sueparks2003 said...

Oh how sweet, he'll luv the cake and hot sauces, Thanks!

Gladys P

rache81 said...

That Golden Gourmet gift basket looks amazing! I may have to get that for my dad for Christmas :)