Monday, June 18, 2012

Sue's Bracelet Helper Review

I decided for this review to start with the video because I am still working on getting this thing down pat. It's not the product that is the problem, it's me! First off, I got this really lovely Bracelet Helper from a very nice lady named Sue. She sent me a beautiful one with green (don't know if I told her my birthday was in May or not) but I got mine in an emerald green color with a heart charm. I thought it was very unique and beautiful.

I will show you some better pictures off of her site in just a minute because I know that one didn't come out real good. I think my camera is trying to die on me! Then I will be up the creek without a paddle. We are on a tight budget until Mike's work let's them know if there will be a layoff or not this year. So, we are coasting on fumes here. But, anyway, the bracelet helper is a great idea! I am having just a tad more trouble than you probably will because my RA is flaring up and I can't do much of nothing. Hence, the reason why some of my reviews and giveaways have been late. I kept thinking it would get better but instead it got worse.

Finally, went to the doctor and they ran tests and well, my meds have stopped working. The inflammation levels are off the charts so tomorrow I go in to start a new regime. So, here I am trying to cram as many as I can in because I have no idea what is gonna happen. Last time they tried to change my meds, I had an allergic reaction BUT, they were right on top of it, knowing there might be a good chance of it, and they pumped me so full of whatever that I was fine. So, this is why I am gonna let her video and her pictures do most of the talking because I just did not want to wait any longer hoping my hands would come around. I hate being late!

There, that is much better. Mine is a little pale but the green is really vibrant and I love the little heart shape with a filigree or something in the middle. I saw one on her site where the colors were red and she had the word Love spelled out but the O was a heart. I bet that would be a great one to give as a gift to your mom or whoever you happen to love. Hint: men to give to wives for Christmas, Valentine's Day or Anniversary!

 The reason it was hard for me to work with this and I know it looks pretty simple but if you have Fibromyaglia on top of RA like I do, the tips of my fingers right now are very tender. I have to keep stopping every few words to type this, that is how bad they hurt. So, I hate to put off something, but I also know this kind lady needs to get her product reviewed, so I thought this once I am gonna break my rule. I let someone else use the Bracelet Helper but we botched up the pictures so I am back to using the ones on her blog.

My friend Lynette did say it was much easier and she was gonna keep it for me awhile and keep using it and maybe loosing it up just a tad to where I won't have to bear down so hard to get it to work. But, that is not a bad thing, because you don't want it to come too loose then it will fall apart. She is gonna tinker with it just a little to see if she can either get it oiled up to loosen up or she is thinking maybe we can put some velco pads on the part that I would have to push and see if that relieves some of the pain. See, that was my problem. I guess when they are new the springs are really wound tight and I just don't have the strength to push down. Of course, once my meds start working again, this will all be a mute point!

But, she was able to use it and it really does work folks! And the great thing about all this is this: Sue’s Bracelet Helper is only $10.99 and is FREE to ship. What’s really awesome is $1.00 from every sale goes to the Parkinson’s Association of San Diego.

I love finding out about people and why they do things or why they got the inspiration to make things and here is Sue's story of why:
I bought my first bracelet helper for my mom, Dori. She was afflicted with Parkinson’s Disease and had long since given up wearing her bracelets. I found the bracelet helper in the back of a magazine and ordered it right away. It was such a joy to see her smile, using her bracelet helper to clasp her favorite bracelets! It was wonderful that these old friends could be part of her life again. But the real joy was that with the bracelet helper she could clasp it herself!

So why the Sue’s Bracelet Helper?

While the bracelet helper I purchased for my mom was functional it was well, less than pretty. So I started making my own bracelet helpers. Pretty bracelet helpers, with warm comfortable wooden handles, colorful wire wrap and large secure clasps that are easy to use. And Sue’s Bracelet Helpers have a wonderful charm, sure to make you smile.

Sue’s Bracelet Helper will serve another benefit. Every Sue’s Bracelet Helper you purchase will raise money for Parkinson’s Research. A portion of Sues Bracelet Helper proceeds will be donated to the Parkinson’s Association of San Diego.
You can connect with this lovely lady Sue several ways:


I will definitely give this another go around once my meds have stabled everything because I love the idea! I have several bracelets I can't wear and hubby gets a little aggravated if we are in a hurry and I say I need help so I usually won't wear that particular one. I told him several years ago to stop buying them. Now he buys me earrings which is much better anyway. Or slippers or bathrobes which I dearly love! We all have our own story and our own journey and I hope Sue & Dori get to see many more and I hope you will help her in her project to help Parkenson's & Arthritis patient's who would love to be able to clasp together their own bracelet every once in awhile. I know I do. Good Luck Sue & Dori!

Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. The one picture of my Bracelet Helper was from my camera and the rest of the pictures were from Sue's blog along with the video. I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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