Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Q: Awakening Book Review

Okay, I know that you guys know I am pretty honest and straight up about things so I won't start sugar coating it now. If I had been the person who wrote this book I would have left the Prologue out of the book. It was totally confusing and made no sense and it did not even really relate at all to the story. Or at least I could not find it.
Even my best friend tried to read it and she quit before the Prologue was even finished. I did, however, manage to hang on and good thing I did because that is when the story really began. And it was high drama throughout the book after that. You just gotta get past that Prologue or don't read it at all if it is gonna confuse you. Once you get over that, you will love the book! This is the story of Q: Awakening written by G.M. Lawrence.
A decade ago, Dr. Declan Stewart, once the world's foremost authority on ancient manuscripts, vanished from an obscure asylum in Damascus. On a winter's day shrouded in fog, he rose from his bed, walked out the door and disappeared. No one looked for him because no one cared. The assassins had made sure there would be no one left to care.

For ten years, Declan hides himself away on the isolated western coast of New Zealand's South Island, riding the towering waves of Ghost Ships break and trying to forget the past. Then on a bright summer's day, as the sun settles on the western horizon, a dying monk from an obscure Syrian monastery appears on the high cliffs and calls his name. It is then that Declan realizes nothing can save him from his destiny; that he will never escape his obsession with the elusive ancient manuscript known only as Q.

The message the old priest brings - of a cryptic letter to St. Paul and a parchment map leading to a lost desert temple - sends Declan hurtling back into a world he had vowed never to reenter. Confronting the demons of his past and the shadowy forces that would turn the power of Q to their twisted ends, Declan enters a realm of danger, betrayal and death. And there, amidst chaosand peril, he finds not only the destiny he had sought to deny, but the love of a courageous Palestinian refugee and her fatherless son.
My Thoughts: 
Once the story gets going, it is full of action and we are introduced to the first murder, that of the monk who comes to see Declan in New Zealand because he fears something dramatic is about to happen at the monastery where he lives. The woman who works with the monks accidently found a parchment and a map to what the monk thinks is the long forgotten Q. Which is what Declan had been searching for 10 years ago when their camp was raided by assassins and his wife and child were killed. That is what drove him to madness and only the last 10 years in New Zealand surfing his days away has he been able to come to gripes with that tragedy.

Their reunion is short lived when the house that Declan lives in at the top of a hilly mountain is ambushed and the monk is mortally wounded. He makes Declan promise to go to Syria and get the woman and her child out of there safely. He does hope along the way that Declan will find Q and protect it. But, Declan is still too wounded to promise anything more than to get them out.

By the time he makes it to the monastery, all of the other monks, (11 total) were killed and the monastery had been bombed. The woman and boy could no longer stay there so Declan planned on taking them to his Israeli friends where he thought that they would be safe. What Declan does not understand is that the men after the Q do not want any witnesses or anyone else knowing about the Q. They try to storm the house but luckily, the people inside the house were warned of the danger and retreated to a bunker that the billionaire had built on his property. He did kill a good bit of them but only after he had to blow up his own house with them in it!

What Declan and his companions don't realize is that a very evil man and his men are after the same thing and they will stop at nothing to get what they want. His only name that they know of is caliph and the other one is called The Syrian. They are both sadistic but The Syrian is really off the charts! They are in a race to see who gets there first and the dramatic ending was not what I had expected and it sorta bummed me out. But from what I hear, there is a sequel coming and I can't wait to read it!

The story does grow on you after awhile and now I am curious as to what the next book will bring. I am not going to tell you the ending because you really need to read the book to understand how all of this works and what is at stake. Just get past the Prologue and then the pace will quicken and things are set into motion that took them all by surprise! If you like spy books, thrillers, action packed books, then this is one book you might want to consider reading. Enjoy!

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