Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Killing Ploy Book Review

I have a fast paced action thriller to tell you about tonight called The Killing Ploy by Steve Haberman. This is of course about the CIA and those who work for the system and against it all at the same time. This book is only available as an ebook right now and you can find it on If you wish to purchase it. I will be giving 2 ebooks away so you might want to hold off until the giveaway is over and the winner's names are drawn.
As is my usual circumstances, I will give you an excerpt and then I will share a little of what I thought.
Pablo de Silva was once a tracker and shooter in the CIA's elite Eyes and Ears Unit, whose work in Europe includes surveillance and if necessary, killing. But that was before Berlin.

On a Berlin mission, he lost his nerve and failed to save the life of a fellow agent and lover. Tormented by this, sick of violence, held now in low regard by colleagues, he's transferred to a cushy job in Guatemala City to recuperate.

One day, his former mention/head of the Unit calls him home with a new assignment. Liaise with an FBI counterterrorism expert in San Diego and see if the murders of two top Defense Department military contractors, headquartered in that city, have any European terrorist connection. If so, his mentor's Unit will take over.

The task seems simple to de Silva. Off to San Diego and beyond he goes, not realizing he's slipped into a dangerous world. Does he have more enemies than he thinks? Should he watch his back as well as his front? Not until the conclusion of his mission does he find out. And not until that end do his allies discover Pablo de Silva is much more than he seems.  
I have to tell you that this book is fast paced and full of action and danger. Poor Pablo de Silva was abducted one night and taken back to Washington to be given a second chance to determine if he was either a coward or had grown some courage while he had that cushy job down in nowhere land. He's not sure if he is happy about the turn of events or not. All he knows is that the dreams won't stop. He keeps having them, that moment he froze when he should have acted and watched a fellow CIA agent and lover, get killed right in front of him. Alot of people are not willing to have him as backup, afraid he will freeze again.

But, his old boss, George, decides to bring him back to Washington, D.C. The only problem with that is, they did it in a weird way. They kidnapped him off the streets, put him in a van and drove out to a garbage dump. They searched him for identity information and then all of a sudden he felt the prick of a needle and the next thing he knew, he was back in Washington, D.C. Now just what the heck is George and these other CIA agents up to? He certainly does not have any love lost with Stuart Bishop, who thinks he's washed up, a coward and doesn't want anything to do with him. Or does he?

Something big is going on in Paris that has everyone spooked about Terrorists and that is one reason that de Silva has been brought back to the States. They want him to just spy on some people and report back. Pablo de Silva is not sure after all that has happened to him if he can do it again. He still has the nightmare's from when Katarina was killed. His new handler, Stuart Bishop, really does not like him and wishes he could make him go away but George, their boss, wants to give Pablo de Silva a second chance.

I will stop here because I don't want to give the whole story away. I can tell you honestly, that at first, I did not think I could read this manuscript because of all the politics and backstabbing that goes on between the CIA and FBI and God only knows who else! But, after reading the first chapter, I really got into it and so will you. It's a good spy and drama story that even your husbands or boyfriends would like, unless they don't read books period, then, you might have a problem. Otherwise, enjoy the book!

You can buy the ebook at Amazon or Smashwords.

The author, Steve Haberman, has agreed to offer (2) readers a code to get their own ebook for free! Since these are ebooks, I am going to make this giveaway for the U.S. and Canada. Good Luck Everyone!