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Shadows Over Paradise Book Review

I have a great mystery and suspense thriller to tell you about today called Shadows Over Paradise written by Anne K. Edwards. I really loved reading this book and I hope you do, too! I wasn't sure at first because the book didn't look like much when I got it and normally my thriller books have something sensational splattered all over but this one had just a normal picture of the sea and boats and a girl on the cliff taking pictures. But like the book cover, the real story inside the book is something else! Here is what the book synopsis says:
Everyone has secrets, some very dark and some very dangerous. So Julia Graye learns on her visit to Tiboo, one of the Mantuan Islands. To her dismay the secrets she accidentally uncovers bode ill for her friend's family and herself. A death from the past haunts the isolated mansion and it's residents are caught up in snares set by an enemy who wears the face of friend.

There seems to be no place of safety after Julia makes the horrible discovery of a body on the beach. A second death soon follows and Julia is accused of murder by this person's friends. So convinced are they of her guilt, they plan to kill her. Faced with the terror of dying at their hands, Julia must use her wits to make a bid for freedom. But another person has other plans for her.

Julia can't escape a deepening involvement in other people's affairs. A stranger asks her to spy for the island governor, another who makes her want to know him better warns her to be careful, a man who wants to marry her and a beautiful woman who hates Julia on site are among those who entangle her in the webs of political plotting and deceit. A broken statue, the diary of a dead woman and lies help lead Julia to a place where death awaits.

In the battle of wits with a killer on a cliff, Julia is very nearly the loser. Even after she thinks she might reach safety, she realizes it is an illusion. Death continues to stalk her.

Complicated characters with strong motives and stronger emotions clash as the law versus the unlawful prepare to battle for control of the islands. Julia is caught in the middle and doesn't know who to trust. She must keep focused on self control if she is to survive, something that doesn't seem likely.
What did I tell you? It is full of twists and turns and Julia is never quite sure who is the enemy so she keeps some information to herself. A man named Long keeps popping up in the strangest places trying to warn her away from the islands but Julia came because her best friend asked her to come for her wedding. But, the next day Julia goes down to the beach to look around and sees a body in the ocean. She goes out and gets the body and when she can't get him to wake up she runs for help. But, it is too late, and the big shocker comes when they learn that his was going to be the groom!

The whole house that Julia is staying in is tense and alot of fighting is going on. Seems that Julia's mother married a man who had a child from another marriage and she had two also from a previous marriage. Then they had a daughter together who tragically killed herself over love for a man she loved but did not love her back. That tragic death all those years ago is what sets the stage for everything going on now. She is warned by the captain of the ferry boat who takes her to the island to turn around and go home. She won't listen and now she may find herself in the position of no longer being able to leave the island of her own free will.

Julia had been warned to leave and not get involved with the island, but she declines and from that point on things keep getting worse. She is wary of her friend's brother who has really fast mood swings where he can be hateful and mean and then all of a sudden they are gone. And he turns into his old charming self. I thought to myself that it sounded like he had issues with just about everyone on the island. He only comes back every so often and mainly lives in San Fransisco. He is so jealous over everything and keeps being very pushy with Julia, which turns her off completely. That I think is where she made her first mistake. I would have never had anything to do with him after he embarrassed her on several occasions out in public. But who could she trust? Had to find somebody quick before her body lands in the water dead!

The author has been kind enough to offer one reader their own copy of the same book that I just read. Open to the U.S. only. Good Luck!


LMcLendon said...

Better question would be, what kind of books don't I read? Book Lover here!M

Donna McDine said...

Hi Mary,

Terrific review! We appreciate your interest, time and giveaway promo!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

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Terri Betz said...

Mary! I usually read Ann Rule books, but I've read them all! Loved Alice in Deadland n read fluffy mysteries!
Thanks for the giveaway!
Blue Strong on FB!

Rise Isom said...

I love old mystery books, like Agatha Chistie,C K Chesterton, Philo Vance,Rex Stout, and strangely Debbie Macomber.

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peppersalt said...

I love to read but I am partial to historical novels.

peppersalt said...

I love to read but I am partial to historical novels.

Valerie Taylor Mabrey said...

young adult fiction
vmkids3 at msn dot com

Da Freebies said...

I normally read Romance novels and my husband read mystery

i commented on ur facebook under Da Freebies

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Vibrate Foods Review..Da Freebies

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I normally like to read novels.. Thanks for this giveaway.

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horror and fantasy- Paul T / Pauline T…pls use emscout9 at hotmail dot com instead of gmail to contact me

Anita Yancey said...

I usually read mysteries and thrillers. They are my favorite books to read.

momma8385 said...

I usally read historical romance books. Thank you for the chance.
:)Jeanne B.T.

CAJUNMAN12 said...

I read historical biographies
Damian Jarreau

ProudGrL said...

Biographies & Horror.

ProudGrL said...

I left a comment on your FB page letting u know who would be getting the book.
The name with my comment is Samantha Eldridge.

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I left a comment at

Donna McDine said...

Congratulations to Samantha E. I'll be mailing out your print copy pronto.

Thank you one and all for visiting and commenting for Shadows Over Paradise.

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