Monday, May 14, 2012 Shopping Bag Review

I was very fortunate recently to get to review a great eco-friendly shopping bag from a company called Reuseit! I wasn't sure what to expect and so when it came, it is actually very cute and I am so glad I got the color that I chose. The picture above is some of the ones I got to choose from and I chose this one because of the flowers and color. It is from the ChicoBag Compact Reuseable Shopping Bags and it's in the Nature Collection:

I guess the other reason I chose it because I loved the simple Live Pure that is on the bottom of the bag. Plus, it is so me and it's a nice bright color for the spring/summer. The only other one I considered other than this one is the blackish looking one but then I thought, no, wait a minute, I always pick up black or white and that is what I wear day in and out, so I decided to be a daredevil this one time and not get the black one or now that I am looking closer, maybe it is navy? What do you think?

The bags are produced using a technique which offers a softer hand feel and unsurpassed graphic quality for prints that really grab your attention. I like it because they have shoulder length straps so I can toss it over my shoulder if I need to. I don't see that happening after it is full of groceries but you can use it for other things besides grocery shopping. I am thinking because of material that it might make a pretty decent bag to take on a beach trip or even an overnight trip somewhere. Oh, and only wash these cute little babies in cold water and let them drip dry or you will have some seriously short small bags, so remember, no dryer!

These bags are so strong that they can carry up to 5 gallons of milk! I kid you not! I also like that it can be folded up into a pouch and stuffed into your handbag or the glove compartment so that it is out of everyone's way:
Now, I know it looks big here in the pictures but in reality it is no bigger than my fist when you get it all balled up and stuck in there. So, now you can see why it might be appealing. Shoot, you can stuff 2 or 3 of these in your suitcase for a trip and that can be your extra bags for sightseeing souvenirs? Yes, No? Maybe? Well, I could come right out and say we might use them to buy us some extra shoes or something at a store along the way or something, just saying.

Oh, my, I just looked at some more details and Reuseit is saying that they have over 75 other bags similar to this one to choose from!! Well, I would go bonkers looking at that many choices so I think I will stick to the group I have for now. But seriously, another 75 designs? Somebody has been very creative, haven't they?

Here are the Dimensions of the one that I got above:
**Expanded: 19.5" W x 15.5" H (approx.)
**Pouch Size: 3.5" x 5"
**40 lbs. (One gallon of milk is approximately 7 lbs.)

I thought you might be interested in a few fun facts about them also:

Using ChicoBags can save the average American 300 to 700 plastic shopping bags per year, which will save 3 to 7 gallons of crude oil. A population of 100,000 people can save up to 14,000 barrels of oil per year using reusable bags. They have also empowered 226,036 customers to save nearly 1 billion use & toss items
These were my other options that I could have chose from also and they are cute so I wanted to give them some love also and maybe these might be the ones that you are looking for to help you get rid of plastic bags also. They are called The Blossom Collection if you are interested in getting these:

I can tell you this, Reuseit has so many products that you really need to take the journey and go see for yourself. They have so many that I could write for days and days and still not cover each and every item that they have in an effort to help eliminate waste and to try and save our planet from plastic and wasteful products. I started using canvas shopping bags myself about 2 or more years ago and every time I get a chance to add to my collection, I do so that one day, I will have enough to carry all of my groceries out of the store without it being half and half.

Best part of all this is that I found out that they have a Clearance section so maybe that day won't be too far off after all! They also have a Promotions section that you can earn free products with purchase or for referring a new customer over to them! They have flat rate shipping of $4.95 for U.S. orders only. They also have a Deal of the Day! So, I wouldn't waste too much time. I need to go check out some of these myself now that I know about them! Lastly, I found this on what they do so that we can be assured of the quality of the products that they sell to us:

Our Seal of Approval
All products we add to our site undergo a rigorous selection process. We act as editors, searching for the best-of-the-best reusables and products that support a reusables lifestyle. Of the hundreds of products we come across, just a small fraction make it to our site. These are products that have met our strict criteria and earned our seal of approval. We're skeptical consumers, just like you.

Factors we consider include:
• Quality
• Style
• Performance
• Durability
• Value
• Safety
• Ecological impact
• Social impact

The same high standards we hold for ourselves at®, we hold for the companies we work with. We partner with suppliers that are philosophically aligned with our values (such as fair trade / fair labor, environmental stewardship, etc.).
Connect with Reuseit several ways:

Mailing Address:
116 W Illinois St. #6e
Chicago, IL 60654
Phone: 888.707.3873

Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. One photo came from my camera and the rest came from Reuseit's website. I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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