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NeoCell Super Collagen Powder Review & Giveaway **Closed**

I found a new product that just might help alot of women out there with either thicker hair, stronger nails, healthier joints or radiant skin. NeoCell Collagen is a powder that you can mix into water or a flavored drink and I strongly recommend that you mix with something that can hide the taste because when I put it in the water bottle, it was awful but then I found a bottle of green tea with mango flavor and that is how I drink mine.

Oh, I also saw on their site that they have this one also, NeoCell’s Blueberry Hyaluronic Acid liquid. I bet that might taste better because I LOVE Blueberries. Mmm, maybe I can try that one next! I have 2 cartons of Blueberries in my fridge right now so that should tell you how much I love Blueberries!

I won't say it's got a really awful taste and some of you may find that you can drink it in water, I just know that I can't. However, I did drink it all that first time. I had some Mango Tea that I mixed it in with and I could still get a whiff of it now and then but it was ALOT better than just with water. So, I would suggest drinking it with something that has a flavor that you like first and if you like it that way, then try it in plain water to see what you think. I think if I had to do it over again, I would have tried something with flavor first so I had a good idea of what I was tasting and what I wasn't.

I have started noticing thicker hair to the point where I am going to have to go in for a haircut! I also noticed that I had some ease of pain in my joints (I have Fibromyalgia & RA). I don't know which one it eased because they both hurt so it's too bad I don't know so I could tell either the group with RA or the group with Fibromyalgia, but if you suffer from either one of these, it might be worth trying at least once to see if it helps you.

I have been able to cut back on (1) muscle relaxer pill a day which might not seem to be a big thing to most people but it is one less pill I have to take a day. I take several kinds of pain pills along with several muscle relaxers so you can imagine what I mean when I say it was nice to cut out (1) muscle relaxer! But, if it makes you feel better, you can go and read more Testimonials from others who have tried their products.

I am not saying that this should replace anyone's meds, that is between you and your doctor & family, I am only trying to let you know that there might be something out there worth trying. But, please check with your doctor before taking any new herbs or alternative meds out there because I don't know your personal health history so I don't want you to just take my word for it.

I can only tell you what helps me and could possibly help you but checking that the ingredients won't interfere with your other medicines is the best advice I can give you. Always err on the side of caution if you are not sure about something. Having a doctor say it couldn't hurt also seems to make people feel more at ease with taking vitamins and herbs and they tend to keep it up and not get lax about it.

I wanted to understand how and why Collagen is so important to us and why it needs to be a strong component in our bodies so when I read about it on NeoCell's information about it, I was able to finally grasp why it is important. I am not going to try and re-word this paragraph because you will understand it better if you read it exactly the same way that I did:
Super Collagen Powder ™ Type 1 & 3: The word “collagen” is derived from the word kolla, the Greek word for glue. Collagen is the strong fiber that weaves throughout our body for strength and support to literally hold the body together, similar to glue, yet stronger than steel wire. Daily, the body repeats a cycle of collagen breakdown and rebuilding. As we age, the process changes and it is estimated that since the body slows down in the rebuilding phases, the body loses collagen at a rate of 1.5% per year from age 25 onwards. This collagen breakdown is what causes most visible signs of aging including wrinkles, sagging skin, joint pain, and brittle nails.
Here is what they say the Super Collegan Powder can help with:

**Helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin elasticity, and holds moisture in the skin
**Thickens fine hair, adds body and can slow hair loss
**Corrects split, rigid and weak nails
**Strengthen and nourish ligaments, tendons and bones
**Provides specific amino acids (hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine) necessary to replenish our body’s collagen supply
**Persons taking this supplement often see visible improvements within 3 weeks

Each carefully formulated product targets specific areas of the body for maintaining health, pain management and anti-aging. I wonder what the anti-aging products are and will have to go check that section out also.

This is what I found out about NeoCell under the Our Company section:
The Neocell Corporation is dedicated to providing premium collagen peptide-based dietary supplements for skin, connective tissue and joint health for consumers worldwide.

Neocell started in 1998 in Newport Beach California with an extraordinary personal experience. After major surgery, the benefits of collagen were so powerful for one man, Al Quadri, that he was inspired to start a company, in the hope that he could help others with this amazing ingredient. And so Neocell was born,as a small, research grounded family owned business that had the goal of introducing to the world the anti-aging and overall health benefits of a naturally- sourced collagen based supplement line.

13 years later, the Neocell family has grown, and we are proud to say that millions of customers have experienced these benefits and are living healthier lives because of doing so.

All of Neocell’s health, wellness and anti-aging products are doctor-formulated and offer the highest quality and precise combination of ingredients to maximize health and wellness benefits for consumers of all ages. Neocell’s products are manufactured in our own GMP certified facility in California and guarantee the highest quality and safety manufacturing standards, meeting the needs of regulators world-wide.

Today, NeoCell is one of the top-selling brands in health food stores, and a leader in the fields of nutritional science and methods development. And while we have grown considerably over the 13 years, one thing has never changed – our commitment to finding innovative and effective anti-aging nutraceutical supplements.
Connect with NeoCell several ways:

Mailing Address:
1911 South Susan St
Santa Ana, CA 92704
Phone: (714)352-0000 or Toll Free: (800) 346-2922
Fax: (949) 699-1629

NeoCell has been kind enough to offer one winner their own Super Collagen to try for themselves. Thanks so much NeoCell! Open to the U.S. only.


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